JLG-REPLACEMENT part description


    • 1930ES
    • 2030ES
    • 2630ES
    • 2646ES
    • 3246ES
    • 10MSP
    • 1230ES
    • 15MSP
    • 15MVL
    • 20MSP
    • 20MVL

Product Specifications

Weight (lbs) 22.71000

JLG-REPLACEMENT 2915012 Cross Reference

We have 3 alternatives for the 2915012 by JLG-REPLACEMENT:

Established in 1969, JLG® is among the world's leading designers and manufacturers of access equipment. From boom lifts to telehandlers, JLG products provide versatile, safe, and sustainable access solutions for various markets across the world. It also offers more than 50 categories of JLG-Replacement parts, including aftermarket components for mixed-fleet repairs, totaling more than 18,000 SKUs. Remanufactured parts are also available for budget-conscious customers and are ideal for repairing older equipment. All products are tested prior to shipment to provide optimized performance under various operating conditions. And they are covered by a limited manufacturer warranty for ultimate customer satisfaction.

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