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When it comes to innovations in drivetrain engineering and technology, no other company has made such a mark than Marmon Herrington. Founded in 1931 as the successor to the Marmon Car Company, Marmon Herrington was a leading pioneer of all-wheel-drive technology during the early to the mid-20th century. It was the first company to manufacture the all-wheel-drive truck and trailer and was the primary designer of the now-iconic M22 Locust and CTLS light tanks of WWII. Today, Marmon-Herrington remains at the forefront of the all-wheel-drive market, specializing in heavy duty axles, transfer cases, and other drivetrain components for trucks and specialized vehicles as well as OEM solutions and installation kits.

Innovating designs, cutting-edge engineering, and quality parts and service are hallmarks of Marmon Herrington products. The company offers a wide range of differential configurations, tie rods, hydraulic, air brakes, and wheel mounts that balances strength, durability, performance, and weight. The components are also built in strict compliance with North American and ISO standards, minimizing compatibility issues for trouble-free operation in a wide range of applications. Marmon Herrington also makes use of the latest technological advances in the industry, such as hybrid hydrostatic and mechanical transmission and the SafeShift all-wheel-drive protection system.

With nearly 90 years of expertise, Marmon-Herrington is a brand you can trust for drivetrain solutions. Here at FinditParts, we take pride in carrying genuine Marmon-Herrington drivetrain components for trucks and off-road vehicles. We offer one of the largest catalogs for OEM and aftermarket transmission components online at lower prices than the competition.