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WESTERN STAR Air Conditioning and Heating

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Any driver knows that you can't always ride with the windows down and enjoy the pristine outside environment. Whether you're on the norther ice roads or driving through the Everglades, heating and air conditioning can play a critical role in ensuring your cargo gets where it needs to go. The same can be said for just about heavy-duty, medium-duty, light-duty truck and commercial or personal vehicle.

We sell thousands of different kinds of pieces, parts, and hardware. That way, we can ensure that you have access to every part you'll need, regardless of the nature of your particular compatibility requirements.

That being said, we understand that quality is still preferable to quantity. Each part has been individually selected for its proven level of performance and reliability and only the top producers of each subcategory in the industry were selected. That includes the top 32 manufacturers, such as Caterpillar, Omega Environmental Technologies, and Hella USA.

Whether you're looking for filters and driers rated for being among the best in the industry when it comes to removing contaminants from your AC system or for something a little simpler, you'll be sure to find it in this list of nearly 10,000 items.

And with free ground shipping on thousands of select items, you can rest easy knowing that the price you see is the price you pay. No more having to wonder how many extra shipping and handling fees you'll be hit with at checkout. Simply check the price, place your order, and get your product.