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Richmond Gear is one of the most renowned brand names in the automotive industry when it comes to gear manufacturing. It is a recognized provider of professional-quality pinion sets and gears that are used in the racing industry. Its products have been featured in Daytona 500 vehicles and are designed mainly for use on professional vehicles.

This brand was born over 100 years ago in 1915 and has expanded to a wide selection of ring-and-pinion ratios, transmissions, and lightened gears over the decades. This history means that Richmond Gear has a catalog of parts that matches vehicles from the 1940s all the way through modern day.

As of 2011, Richmond Gear is based in Liberty, South Carolina. It is now a subsidiary of Midwest Truck and Auto Parts, Inc., and it offers a diverse catalog of products through FindItParts’ distribution services. While it is best known for its contribution to the racing industry, it also offers gears and automotive parts that fit perfectly in the automotive aftermarket, construction, agriculture, and marine industries as well.

Richmond Gear has a number of strategically placed warehouses, so distribution from the FindItParts catalog is known for speed and reliability as well. Whether you are looking for a small part or a more elaborate gear, you will have options to choose from to ensure you get exactly what you need.