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Is your starter motor on the blink again? And with a loaded truck, are you sitting idly by the side of the highway? Just imagine the stress or headache the situation would bring if you have a deadline looming or a demanding and inconsiderate client waiting. If you found yourself cursing your mechanic for not installing a decent starter in your rig the last time you got it serviced, you'd better get a brand-new, high-quality starter from IMI HI TORQUE.

HI TORQUE IMI Performance Products, Inc. builds premium-quality gear reduction starter motors for the automotive, truck, and commercial vehicle aftermarket. Its starter units are expertly designed and are made to match the specifications of original Denso products to assure buyers that they don't only meet but also exceed the industry's highest quality standards. The patented design of IMI HI TORQUE starters maximizes clearance even on hard-to-fit applications.

The HI-TORQUE combines time-tested and proven starter engineering with old-school American ingenuity. Such combination ensures reliable starter performance that's ideal for automotive, agricultural, European, marine, industrial, custom, motorcycle, and off-road applications.

The IMI HI TORQUE starters meet the industry standards to ensure product durability and reliability. You can get them here at FinditParts at pocket-friendly prices and with affordable shipping costs. Browse our comprehensive catalog and choose the exact-match starter you need for your big rig. We will ship your order fast to help you get on the road that much faster. Should you need help in finding the exact IMI HI TORQUE product for your vehicle, you may call our customer service team for assistance.

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