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Heavy duty vehicles like freight trucks and tractors need lots of reliable power that only heavy-duty power systems can provide. When you need such components for your vehicle, you can be sure to trust Powerline. With over three decades of industry experience, Powerline specializes in the design and manufacture of small to large frame alternators, regulators, and other electrical components for heavy duty and commercial vehicles. The company has its headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, with in-house experts working closely with OEM component manufacturers and distributors across North America and the rest of the world.

Through extensive engineering and testing, Powerline power components are designed to work under adverse weather and the toughest operating conditions. The Powerline alternator, for one, features a solid aluminum frame that's tested to withstand high temperatures and designed for vehicles that require high power outputs even when idle or at highway speeds. It also features high-grade components, including a custom-braided wiring harness, hand-wound stator, and high-speed bearings with heat-treated races and high-temperature grease. Powerline also offers specialized components that have additional features such as horseshoe-type heat sinks and remote battery sensor support for that extra functionality and durability needed for their specific applications.

When you get a Powerline component, you'll be getting a high-quality product with the best value for your money. Here at FinditParts, we offer Powerline alternators and other parts at competitive prices. Check out our catalog for a wide selection of OEM and aftermarket replacement and maintenance parts for heavy duty trucks, buses, and other commercial vehicles.