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Heavy duty trucks, large commercial vehicles, and buses can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds, and they can cause catastrophic accidents when any of their braking and drivetrain components fail while on the road. That is why proper brake system and drivetrain maintenance is necessary to ensure road safety. All the parts included in your vehicle's braking system and drivetrain should be inspected regularly for wear and damage. If any of these parts are already beyond repair, then replacement parts are necessary. Don't just go for any brand when you get replacement brake parts and drivetrain components—choose only the ones from Kirkstall. 

Kirkstall offers a wide range of brake and wheel-end parts and drivetrain components, including the brake drum, gears, differential assemblies, axle shaft, hubs, driveshaft, bearings, O-rings, and oil seal retainer. All these Kirkstall parts are made using premium-grade materials and are rigorously tested to ensure durability and superior performance. The Kirkstall brake drum, for one, offers more stopping power and lasts longer than the competition. It is manufactured following strict OE quality standards, so it fits and functions just like its original counterpart. The same is true for all other Kirkstall parts. So when you buy any of these braking and drivetrain parts, you can rest easy that they will fit seamlessly into your truck. 

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