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Datcon is a brand of gauges designed and manufactured by the brand's larger parent company, Maximatecc. Maximatecc is the same company that produces Power-Packer and CrossControl. The purpose behind the production lines at Datcon is to create a line of heavy-duty gauges capable of going the distance without suffering catastrophic component failure at the first sight of contaminants or accidental impact with a tool belt.

Datcon gauges are in use today in the off-highway and industrial industries as well as a wide range of specialty vehicles. Datcon is one of the go-to brands when it comes to installing gauges on heavy-duty, off-road trucks and vehicles. These gauges are designed to be as versatile as possible, which makes compatibility questions a thing of the past. The majority of Datcon's gauges function on analog signals through standard inputs, but they can be converted to digital signals relatively easily.

Although Datcon's gauges are the company's bread and butter, Datcon also produces a wide range of other devices designed to facilitate easy monitoring of your vehicle's performance. That includes hour meters, senders, sensors, speedometers, and tachometers among other things. What sets these apart from other models on the market is that they are designed almost exclusively for the more demanding environments. That means that these devices are intended primarily for use in environments wherein they will be exposed to high moisture levels, shock, and vibration.