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Klixon is a brand associated with Sensata Technologies and specializes in the manufacturing and production of electrical components for a variety of applications in the land, sea, and aerospace industries. From manual and auto breakers to thermal circuit breakers, Klixon manufacturers just about any kind of breaker that your truck or van could need.

Sensata Technologies was founded in 1916 as a gold foundry and goldsmith operation in the United States. Back then, the company was named General Plate Company and specialized in the production of a gold plate for the jewelry industry — much different from the automotive industry that the company services today. Over the years, Sensata underwent countless changes, eventually resulting in the company changing its name and re-allocating the bulk of its manufacturing equipment to service the automotive and transportation industries.

For years, the Klixon brand has been Sensata's primary brand when bringing electronic components such as circuit breakers and switches to market. These products exist with near-limitless variety, ranging from simple push-button breakers to high-tech thermal breakers designed to withstand the pressures of aerospace activity.

To make it easier for you to find the Klixon part that's right for you, we at FindItParts have organized a list of dozens of the best Klixon components you can find. That includes products like Klixon's weatherproof circuits and thermal breakers that Klixon is known for today. This list is structured in a searchable, scrollable format complete with pictures and — where applicable — cross-references with similar products.