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Modine Mfg may not be familiar to you. Still, this company has been around for over a century, serving homes, businesses, and the automotive and trucking industries to make lives a little more comfortable. It started in 1916 when Arthur B. Modine set up a shop in Racine, Wisconsin for manufacturing thermal solutions to the booming automobile industry. His business was built around the idea of heating the air passing through the radiator instead of cooling the radiator's water. With this in mind, he was able to create innovative products that would forever change the heat transfer market. 

The Spirex Radiator, which was launched in 1916, serves as the foundation for Modine Mfg. It used to assure dependable service on the La Crosse Tractor Engine. Farm tractor buyers gave careful consideration to the radiator as it helped keep the engine cool. They chose Spirex to do this crucial task done, and that's when Modine slowly started gaining worldwide recognition. Business continued to heat up years after, especially when Ford introduced the Model T in the 1920s as the first affordable automobile and produced 15 million of these units by 1927. Modine seized this opportunity, and this was the start of a decades-long relationship between the two companies. 

Over the years, Modine has evolved into a global leader in designing, manufacturing, and testing heat transfer products for various applications, including commercial, off-highway, and power/industrial vehicles and equipment markets. Some of its products are radiators, oil coolers, heat exchangers, and other radiator parts and accessories. If you are interested to purchase any of these, check out the FinditParts catalog or use our easy lookup feature. We've got Modine oil coolers and other products here at competitive prices.