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About Moto Mirror

Truck mirrors are not only necessary, but they are also required. All commercial vehicles must be equipped with two rear-vision mirrors, one at each side, as required by federal regulations. That is why if your truck mirrors have seen better days, be sure to replace them with the ones from a trusted brand—Moto Mirror.

A part of the Commercial Vehicle Group, a world leader in the manufacture of cab-related products and systems, Moto Mirror has been supplying a comprehensive range of mirrors to the global commercial vehicle market for decades. Its mirrors are well known for their unique features and high-quality construction, making them among the most popular mirror options across the globe. They also offer classic styling, so when you equip your truck with one of these mirrors, you get not only improved safety but also enhanced appearance.

Headquartered in New Albany, Ohio, The Commercial Vehicle Group has always been a problem solver since it was formed in the year 2000. It never accepts “it can’t be done” as an answer. All the hardworking and dedicated people behind this company are driven by innovation. They make “better” possible—from the products they manufacture to the services they provide. That is why when you choose Moto Mirror products, you know they are not just of high quality but of better quality.

Moto Mirror Parts

The secret to what makes Moto Mirror parts so unique is that they combine innovation with traditional designs. Moto Mirror was among the first brands to introduce motorized aftermarket mirrors with a horizontal movement. This feature made the mirror easy to adjust, especially during winter and heavy rain.

However, for aesthetics, Moto Mirror went the other way with stainless steel tubular design similar to that found in vintage trucks. Moto Mirror also offers the Prutsman line of convex truck mirrors and Road Scan products. Proudly made in the U.S., all Moto Mirror products are explicitly designed for use in both old and new truck models.

If you are looking for high-quality mirrors, mirror kits, and mirror heads for a complete installation, here are the options available from this brand:

Mirror Kits

Moto Mirror's mirror kits are designed both for professional mechanics and DIYers. Each kit already includes all the components you need for a complete, trouble-free installation.

Moto 4 Mirror Kit

The Moto 4 mirror kit includes a switch and two mirror heads with harnesses. Both the passenger and driver heads are motorized and heated, which are perfect for use during the colder months. In addition to the complete mirror head horizontal rotation, these mirror heads are made with the glass's vertical up-down movement. Plus, they deliver the same sharp look and added styling you would expect from other Moto Mirror products.

Plus Style Mirror Kit

Just like the Moto 4 kit, the Plus Style mirror kit contains a switch and two mirror heads—both motorized and heated for the passenger and driver sides—with harnesses. This product offers more visibility than the competing kits since the unique Moto Mirror horizontal head rotation moves the combination main and convex mirrors in tandem. This, then, gives you up to 1,400 square feet more visibility than a conventional setup.

Traditional Mirror Kit

If you need to replace only one mirror, then the traditional mirror kit is your best choice. It includes a switch and one mirror head with a harness. You can choose whether it’s for the passenger or driver side—either way, it’s motorized and heated.

This traditional kit is also your best bet if you're looking for that classic look combined with a unique motorized head movement. This is a true classic that delivers a better range of visibility than mirrors with glass movement alone. It also features rugged and durable construction, so it’s guaranteed to last longer than the competing kits.

Aero Mirror Kit

The Moto Mirror Aero mirror kit also includes two mirror heads with harnesses plus a switch for a quick, easy installation. But unlike the Moto 4 and the Plus Style, this option has a motorized passenger mirror and a non-motorized driver side mirror. Each mirror is made using high-quality 403 stainless steel for maximum durability and polished to a mirror finish for added appeal. It is also built to last even in harsh driving conditions.

Mirror Heads

Moto Mirror heads are clearly the best as they feature unique motorized, horizontal head movement, superior construction, and classic styling. If you are looking at replacing only the mirror head in your rig, this product is the right choice as it offers the best value and the classic styling you come to expect from a Moto Mirror product.

There are six options available from this brand, and these are the following:

  • Traditional mirror - This is a non-motorized mirror head with a harness for quick installation. It is specifically designed for the driver’s side, and it is heated. This product is a true classic. But when it comes to performance, it is at par with other Moto Mirror options as it also delivers an improved range of visibility, allowing you to see more and avoid more.
  • Aero mirror - Also a non-motorized mirror head with a harness, this Aero mirror is built to last longer than other mirrors as it’s constructed using high-quality 403 stainless steel. It also comes with a polished mirror finish to give your truck an enhanced appearance.
  • Prutsman West Coast mirror - This is a highly reliable mirror head with a polished stainless steel finish for maximum protection. It features quality touches, such as a single-piece gasket, to ensure extended service life. And since it comes at an affordable price, enhancing the look of your vehicle has never been easier and more convenient.
  • Aero mirror with integrated roadwatch sensor - A driver-side mirror with a harness for the convex mirror, this Aero mirror features a streamlined housing that’s made using high-quality 403 stainless steel. It is also built to last and comes with a roadwatch sensor.
  • Moto 4 mirror - The Moto 4 is a motorized mirror head with a harness. This specific product is designed for the passenger side, and it is heated. It retains the same high-quality mirror parts and construction you expect from any Moto Mirror product.
  • Plus mirror with convex - The advantage of this product relies on its capability to give drivers more visibility than other mirrors. It provides up to 1,400 square feet more visibility than a conventional mirror.

Convex Mirrors

Moto Mirror convex mirrors are designed to eliminate the blind spot on the side of the truck. These are especially useful to increase driving safety and prevent collisions. The options available from the Moto Mirror brand are:

  • Prutsman round convex mirror 5” - This is a 5-inch round convex, center-mount mirror that’s made using stainless steel with zinc stud.
  • Prutsman round convex mirror with tripod - This is an 8.5-inch center-mount, convex mirror with a tripod. It is also made of stainless steel for maximum durability.
  • Prutsman round convex mirror 8.5” - Unlike the second option, this one does not come with a tripod.
  • Prutsman look-down convex mirror - This is a rectangular look-down mirror with a bracket assembly for a hassle-free installation.

All Prutsman convex mirrors represent the highest quality construction and are engineered out of 430 stainless steel for durable design and maximum shine.

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