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Founded in 1946 as Sundstrand Machine Tools, Sundstrand designs and manufactures high-pressure pumps and other hydraulic solutions. A subsidiary of the Danfoss Group, Sundstrand has decades of experience in developing pumps for various applications and pioneered the development of axial piston pump technology, resulting in highly efficient positive displacement pumps for use in high-pressure applications. Customers will also benefit from Sundstrand's state-of-the-art R&D resources, industry-leading quality systems, and global manufacturing, distributing, and service network.

Sundstrand hydraulic pumps utilize a patented digital displacement system that uses a radial piston machine with ultra-fast mechatronic valves with an intuitive digital control interface. This process allows for real-time adjustment of the cylinders according to the required load, resulting in up to 90 percent increased efficiency. The pumps are also linked to a digital control system that transmits diagnostics and other data at an instant, cutting down response times as well as dramatically reducing energy consumption and high-frequency noises, especially when compared to competing pumps of its class. In addition, Sunstrand also offers high-quality valves, bearings, shafts, and accessories that are designed to improve the performance of your pump further and lengthen its service life.

With more than half a century's worth of experience in the industry, Sundstrand aims to make complex tasks simplified for improved productivity, response, and efficiency that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the market. Here at FindItParts you can choose from a wide selection of Sundstrand pumps and pump components for light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy duty trucks and trailers. Check out our extensive catalog and take advantage of our reasonable rates today.