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SCANIA Best Sellers

Founded in 1911, Scania is a Swedish manufacturer of trucks, commercial vehicles, and diesel engines for heavy-duty vehicles, marine, and industrial applications. It is one of the largest commercial vehicle brands in the market, covering nearly 19% of the industry's market share in Europe, with approximately 60,500 registered Scania trucks plying the continent's roads. Scania also takes pride in its worldwide reach, with assembly and production facilities in 100 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. The company also offers one of the most comprehensive repair and maintenance programs, offering expert maintenance services for both old and new models via its worldwide support network.

Scania trucks are among the best when it comes to quality, but they do require professional maintenance regularly. When the time comes when their parts need changing, they need to be replaced with OE-compliant parts. It has been a costly mistake for many fleet owners to use the cheapest aftermarket parts with no regard for OE compliance, only to find out that they will have to spend more in repairs and troubleshooting in the long run. OE-grade parts for Scania trucks are also not difficult to find, thanks to Scania's worldwide network of partner distributors and retailers.

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