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If your truck's running roughly even on the highway or the steering wheels are shaking like crazy, replacing its struts should fix the problem. But if you want to make suspension problems in your ride a thing of the past, invest in MOOG chassis parts. 

For more than 80 years, MOOG has been a trusted brand for OEM and aftermarket strut assemblies and suspension parts. With hundreds of innovations under its belt, MOOG is widely respected in the industry as a "problem solver" with products that efficiently address problems that both drivers and technicians often encounter as well as providing award-winning technical support and training materials.

One key advantage of choosing a MOOG strut or suspension system is that it has key features not found in other competing brands. MOOG struts have a patented design that allows fresh grease to be injected directly into the bearings and other moving parts while keeping dirt and old grease out. Specially heat-treated studs are also used on MOOG ball joints and tie rods to prevent them from cracking and keep friction to a minimum. Also, MOOG components are fitted with corrosion- and water-resistant bearings for increased durability and longer part life. All of these features combine to make MOOG struts and suspension components the ultimate "problem solver" against rough handling and poor shock absorption.

For suspension problems, trust MOOG to make them go away for good. Here at FinditParts, you can pick from a catalog of MOOG chassis parts and suspension components. We offer OEM and aftermarket components for light to heavy duty trucks and commercial vehicles at very reasonable prices.