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About Alemite

The last 100 years of the automotive and trucking industry were loaded with innovations. And the lubrication practices and solutions for engines and some of the most important vehicle components are a part of such revolution. From lube trucks and lubrication pumps to grease fittings and grease guns, all of these innovations emerged within the last century. Alemite takes great pride in being the brand that invented or refined these crucial parts for the lubrication industry.

Alemite is a global leader in producing highly efficient, high-quality fluid handling and lubrication systems. The company’s rich history started in 1916 when a young man named Arthur Gullborg was tasked to lubricate the die-casting machines at the Alemite Die Casting and Manufacturing facility. The challenges in servicing the machines that time inspired Gullborg to devise various methods of lubricating machines. The pin-type fitting coupled with a screw-type grease pump made up “The Alemite High-Pressure Lubricating System,” which led to the establishment of the Alemite Lubrication Company in 1918.

Since the day it was founded, Alemite engineers stay true to their commitment to providing high-quality products across the globe. They keep on innovating and making advancements in lubrication technology—from custom-made solutions to standard lubrication tools. Standing strong despite industry crises, Alemite continues to conceptualize and manufacture products that meet the stringent demands of the modern world.

Alemite Parts

Over the years, Alemite parts and solutions have silently played a huge role in the operations of many of the world’s crucial industries. Besides automotive and commercial vehicles, construction, manufacturing, agriculture, pulp and paper, and mining industries have benefited a lot from the innovations introduced by this brand. They are also widely used in aircraft maintenance and marine applications.

As Alemite upholds its rock-solid reputation of being a partner and leader, this brand continues to expand its line of products, which includes grease guns, fittings, pumps, fluid management controls, reels, and meters. By allowing its customers to give input about product development and improvement, this brand supplies the market with Alemite parts based on the voice of the customers and end-users.

Grease Guns

With their unique and innovative designs, the Alemite grease guns ensure seamless functionality even under exacting applications. They are developed by Alemite engineers and parts specialists with strong attention to detail and quality for maximum durability. Designed with the operator or user in mind, the Alemite grease guns’ shape, weight, and balance deliver superior comfort to boost productivity. These grease guns reduce the waste and take the guesswork out of lubricating your equipment and vehicles, thus helping maximize your productivity and business uptime.


Alemite reels set the lubrication industry’s benchmarks for quality and durability. Made with a keen focus on material choices, part construction, and testing, the Alemite reels work well every time.

Hydraulic power reels

To meet the demands of hydraulic power applications, Alemite designed the twin hose reels to the same high-quality standards of all its products. These reels come with sturdy construction and sealed design, making them ideal for rugged outdoor hydraulic applications. With their high-volume capacity flow passage, these reels minimize the fill rate time and boost machine efficiency.

Reel mounting system

Specifically designed for use with Alemite’s popular heavy-duty hose reels, this mounting system simplifies reel mounting, replacement, and maintenance. It utilizes a channel and bracket to ensure safe, convenient, and hassle-free installation on horizontal or vertical struts and beams or directly to a wall. Featuring six channel lengths, this system accommodates up to six reels, helping shop owners or fleet managers achieve a clean and professional-looking shop.

Reel mount adapters

This adapter is designed to facilitate swapping out of Lincoln’s heavy-duty fluid (LFR) reels with Alemite’s heavy-duty or severe-duty hose reels. It alters the mounting hole pattern of the Lincoln reel to accommodate its Alemite reel counterpart. Engineered from heavy-gauge steel, this Alemite adapter secures the replacement reel while installing the hardware.

Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) hose reels

The heavy-duty DEF hose reels from Alemite are designed for overhead, tank, floor, or on-the-wall mounting. These hose reels are spring-powered and self-retracting and are fitted with an easily adjustable guide arm. They also feature a balanced-pressure swivel, gasket-sealed spring case, ratchet-type latch, and adjustable hose stop. Sporting heavy-gauge steel construction and first-class powder coat finish, these reels guarantee maximum durability and long service life.

Fluid Handling and Transfer Pumps

For fluid handling and transfer pumps that meet even the most demanding fluid handling and dispensing needs, Alemite got you covered. This brand provides customers like you with a wide selection of pumps to meet your application requirements. Every Alemite pump is made to deliver dependable and consistent performance for smooth machine operation. The various types of pumps from Alemite includes:

Grease pumps

Alemite grease pumps are meticulously crafted by part experts to match a wide range of applications and stand up to various system pressures and fluid viscosities. When these pumps are used along with other Alemite parts, such as dispensing valves, hose reels, and automatic lubrication devices, the combination proves to be a perfect recipe for efficient lubrication.

Oil pumps

The oil pumps from Alemite are made for applications that require fluids to be piped to several hose outlets, metered outlets, reels, or portable service stations. Combine these oil pumps with other Alemite products, and you can get your necessary fluids passed on efficiently from tanks, pails, drums, and totes. These pumps are compatible with various gear oils, motor oils, cutting oils, machine coolants, hydraulic oils, automatic transmission fluids, and various petroleum-based fluids. They are ideal for both bulk fluid transfer and pumping directly from the original container.

Chemical and material handling

Built to offer the capabilities and versatility needed to construct systems, the Alemite chemical and material handling pumps meet all the specific requirements of different applications. With these pumps, chemicals and materials are easily and safely pumped from their original containers or storage tanks and transferred to the point of application, ready for spraying, dispensing, or extruding.

Lubrication Fittings

Alemite, the inventor of the popular Zerk fitting, also takes pride in manufacturing world-class, corrosion-resistant industrial lubrication fittings. Ideal for customers doing inspections and replacement of corroded fittings, these Alemite components help reduce machine or equipment downtime, extend replacement intervals of fittings, and increase the operator and equipment productivity.

Featured Products (view all)

ALEMITE 3671 electronic meter ALEMITE 339228 swivel assy, low pressure ALEMITE 1623-B 1/8” ptf fittings ALEMITE 398727 standard button head coupler kit ALEMITE 47200 threaded relief fittings ALEMITE 393801-10 kit, wet end ALEMITE 393307-162 reset knob ALEMITE 338912 follower plates ALEMITE 323847-4 drum covers ALEMITE 393705 upgrade kit, ram air ALEMITE 321620 breathers - zinc trivalent ALEMITE 1056-S4 lever guns ALEMITE 9979-A stationary pneumatic ram grease pumps ALEMITE 339590 refill grease nipple ALEMITE 8078-FBK heavy duty reels - air/water ALEMITE 7338-B welding reels - oxygen/acetylene ALEMITE 9920 stationary pneumatic ram oil pumps ALEMITE 42031-A coupler fittings - button head ALEMITE 1607-B 1/8” ptf fittings ALEMITE Z737 couplers - flush type nozzle ALEMITE 393767-27 ring ALEMITE 339429 piston ALEMITE 51185 pin couplers ALEMITE 393795-26 kit, head assembly ALEMITE 317811-2 hose lp 1/2"id, 1/2"x ALEMITE 328435 1/4”-28 taper thd (sae-lt) thread forming hex head plug ALEMITE 393767-17 level gauge ALEMITE 393767-18 kit, seal ALEMITE 324170 muffler ALEMITE 317813-30 hose only. no reel ALEMITE 398986-2 major repair kit (333357 ALEMITE 1641-B 1⁄4”-28 taper thread fittings ALEMITE B6304-B hydraulic coupler blister pack ALEMITE 339589 refill grease positioning cover ALEMITE B1741-A visi-lube automatic lubricator ALEMITE 6509-D hydraulic couplers ALEMITE 308730-A hydraulic couplers ALEMITE 336523 gasket ALEMITE C600 screw type compressor gun ALEMITE 305859 straight adapters ALEMITE 1814 flush type drive fittings ALEMITE 340067 36” hose replacement ALEMITE 339174 hose guide assembly ALEMITE 6615-G giant button head fittings ALEMITE 369582 1/4"-28 and 1/8" thread-forming fittings ALEMITE 393692 pawl assembly repair kit ALEMITE 393767-26 elbow ALEMITE 393767-16 cap & ring ALEMITE 393715 major repair kit ALEMITE 1680-B 1⁄4”-28 taper thread fittings ALEMITE 301980 swivel ALEMITE 306741 loader coupler 3/8 ALEMITE 393795-19 motor assy, 18v ALEMITE 8323 diaphragm pumps ALEMITE 1644-B 1/8” ptf fittings ALEMITE 369593 threaded relief fittings ALEMITE 45120 bushings ALEMITE 51942 straight adapters ALEMITE 321839 drive relief fittings ALEMITE 1613-B 1/8” ptf fittings ALEMITE 385601-3 sight assembly ALEMITE 7936 filter/regulators ALEMITE 317874-50 grease hoses ALEMITE 381812-1 screen & nozzle assy, 13 ALEMITE 393801-11 kit, wet end ALEMITE 8589-A pressurized oil dispenser ALEMITE 43379 straight adapters ALEMITE 339100 non-metered ALEMITE 338147-2 downtube, v-cut ALEMITE 47200-E 1/8” bspt relief fitting ALEMITE 398724 minor repair kit (7149 ALEMITE 42030-A coupler fittings - button head ALEMITE 319700 valve ALEMITE 9969-B stationary pneumatic ram oil pumps ALEMITE 1610-BL 1/8” ptf fittings ALEMITE 340004 heavy-duty zerk-mate to unclog fittings ALEMITE 339841 heavy-duty zerk-mate to unclog fittings ALEMITE 393795-23 kit, ball check ALEMITE 5906-3 lubricators ALEMITE 575-B grease gun - cordless 12v ALEMITE 339596 adapter, straight, 1/2” (f) x 3/8” (m) ALEMITE 319702 button head couplers ALEMITE 384877 needle valve - hd oil ALEMITE 310428 safety vent coupler ALEMITE B52752 swivels - grease ALEMITE 5612-2 filters ALEMITE 8301 diaphragm pumps ALEMITE 317400-E 1/8” bspt relief fitting ALEMITE 326750-B1 bung adapters ALEMITE 8078-T heavy duty reels - grease ALEMITE 8322-D diaphragm pumps ALEMITE 8322-C diaphragm pumps ALEMITE 3019 straight drive fittings ALEMITE 1885 flush type drive fittings ALEMITE 385662-A1 sight glass with snap valve ALEMITE B306740 loader fitting 1/8" blst ALEMITE 8071-B welding reels - oxygen/acetylene ALEMITE 8541-5 portable standard duty pneumatic grease pumps ALEMITE 7793-C pneumatic - industrial ALEMITE 6239 push type adapter use b ALEMITE 5644-2 filters ALEMITE B322610 loader fitting blister ALEMITE 393710 major repair kit ALEMITE 334850 tie down kits ALEMITE 8079-C enclosed reels - oil ALEMITE 9940 stationary pneumatic ram grease pumps ALEMITE 7736 pneumatic industrial ALEMITE P317400-E package, relief valve ftg ALEMITE 393530-14 repair seal kit ALEMITE 338378 roller plate ALEMITE 317803-50 air/water hoses ALEMITE 338382 threaded relief fittings ALEMITE 332246 piston ALEMITE 385662 sight assembly w/bleed ALEMITE 8079-F enclosed reels - air/water ALEMITE 8079-E enclosed reels - air/water ALEMITE 8322-B diaphragm pumps ALEMITE 8078-G severe duty reels - grease ALEMITE 7344 twin hose reels ALEMITE 343509 premium lube trolley packages - oil package ALEMITE 8072-A diesel exhaust fluid (def) hose reels - oil ALEMITE 8078-J severe duty reels - air/water ALEMITE 340989 hydraulic grease pumps ALEMITE 1627-B 1⁄4” ptf fittings ALEMITE 7531-4 pump ALEMITE 8079-A enclosed reels - grease ALEMITE 8586-A portable drain with drum ALEMITE 8079-B enclosed reels - grease ALEMITE 8078-N severe duty reels - grease ALEMITE 3922-B 3920 series ALEMITE 9911-A1 pneumatic ram - portable ALEMITE 393784-3 battery pack ALEMITE 326750 bung adapters ALEMITE 343670-5 ALEMITE 7149-4 7149 series multi pressure bucket pump ALEMITE 43760 straight adapters ALEMITE 1650 threaded leakproof fittings ALEMITE 393801-14 kit, air end ALEMITE 8589 pressurized oil dispenser ALEMITE 340289-1 4-way evac valve 1"npt ALEMITE 8078-M heavy duty reels - air/water ALEMITE 8322 diaphragm pumps ALEMITE 1652-B 1⁄4”-28 taper thread fittings ALEMITE 1618-B 1/8” ptf fittings ALEMITE 3014-B 1⁄4”-28 taper thread fittings ALEMITE 1649-B 1/8” ptf fittings ALEMITE 317850-1 12" whip hose ALEMITE A359 pin type fittings ALEMITE B339800 non-drip nozzles, automatic assembly (blister pack) ALEMITE 42703 header blocks Browse more...

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