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Drivers of medium and heavy duty trucks spend most of their working hours in the cab. They have to be comfortable while driving, regardless of the distance. Improving driver's comfort and extending the life of trucks have been Phillips & Temro Industries' primary considerations in developing solutions for the medium and heavy duty trucking industry.

Phillips & Temro Industries (PTI) is backed by a rich 100-year history and industry experience as a leading international aftermarket and OEM provider of custom-made electrical and thermal solutions. The trucking and automotive industries are among the diverse markets that have benefited from PTI's electrification, cooling, and heating systems.

From its humble beginnings in the 1920s as a manufacturer of large metal oil funnels and heating products for the automotive market, the company has managed to generate exponential growth. PTI now produces a vast selection of truck parts and accessories that help minimize the need for truck maintenance, improve vehicle uptime, and ensure driving comfort. With the following brands—Truflo™, Idle Free® Systems, Zerostart®, Arctic Fox®, and EVOCHARGE®—under PTI's wings, the company's future is geared towards developing solutions to boost the performance and reliability of engines and new-energy vehicles.

PTI supplies the medium-duty and heavy duty trucking industry with air intake heaters, in-line and in-tank fuel heaters, engine block heaters, battery heaters, silicone pad heaters, and many others. It also manufactures top-of-the-line Phillips & Temro Industries frame-rail-mounted APU system, thermostats, indicator lights, cabin auxiliary HVAC, weatherproof harnesses and Y-cords, cable assemblies, and solid-state relay controllers. If you need any of these high-quality Phillips & Temro Industries heavy duty truck parts or more, check out FinditParts catalog. Just type in the part number, keyword, or brand in the search bar, and you'll find your needed truck parts and accessories in a jiffy.