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If your truck still has its stock clutch, chances are it's a Valeo. A clutch specialist since 1923, Valeo manufactures OE and aftermarket clutch kits, hydraulics, flywheels, and other transmission components for passenger, commercial, and industrial vehicles. It is among the biggest suppliers of OE components for car manufacturers, with 1 in 3 vehicles equipped with a stock Valeo clutch. The company has manufacturing plants in France, Korea, Spain, Italy, and Turkey producing OE and aftermarket transmission parts exclusively, ensuring a steady supply to sales and distribution networks in 150 countries.

Valeo clutches are built under strict quality standards honed by more than 95 years of industry experience. For commercial vehicles, Valeo offers clutch kits and components designed to operate under hostile operating environments while keeping noise and vibration to a minimum. OE-compliant clutches are also equipped with a self-adjusting wear compensation system, which puts less strain on components and ensures constant pedal effort through the entire life of the clutch. Valeo clutches also incorporate low-wear friction face technology, resulting in highly efficient clutch facings that last longer than their competitors.

Whether you operate or own one truck or an entire fleet, you can trust Valeo to be there by your side. FinditParts offers Valeo clutch and transmission components for light, medium, and heavy duty vehicles. Browse our catalog today to find great deals on OE and aftermarket replacement parts. All these parts are guaranteed to be 100% genuine and comply with local, state, and federal safety and environmental standards.