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Established in 1989, Lucas Oil is one of the top lubricant and additive manufacturers in North America. The company specializes in high-performance engine oils, gear oils, and greases for automotive, marine, agricultural, and industrial markets. It operates two manufacturing and bottling facilities in California and Indiana, supplying products to markets in the U.S., Australia, and the Far East. Lucas Oil also provides sponsorships to more than 70 professional racing teams and operates several racing series across the United States. Plus, it owns and manages the Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, MO, which hosts the world's first artificial lake for drag boat racing, and the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, IN.

Lucas Oil offers a comprehensive selection of oils and additives designed to improve vehicle performance from motorcycles to freight trucks. Each additive is made using high-quality base ingredients and is tested according to OE specifications of various vehicles to ensure compatibility. It is also designed to reduce fouling, sludge buildup, and chemical breakdown from exposure to fuel and other contaminants. But aside from additives, Lucas Oil also provides engine and fuel treatment products for heavy-duty vehicles and other applications, including biodiesel and ethanol-based diesel engines and high-mileage vehicles.   

Whether it's for general purposes or high-performance applications, Lucas Oil can help get your ride running smoothly in no time. We, here at FinditParts, carry a comprehensive lineup of Lucas Oil engine and gear lubricants and additives. Select from our wide selection of products and take advantage of our low prices today.