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PETERBILT HVAC Heater Hose Nipple Hole Plug

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90CB40SP2 90CB40SP2
elbow-rubber (more info...) elbow-rubber
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HVAC Heater Hose Nipple Hole Plug
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About Peterbilt

Peterbilt is committed to constructing the best trucks in the industry. It crafts the most profitable and most efficient trucks for you and your business. Since its inception in 1939 in the Pacific Northwest forests, this truck manufacturing giant has been assembling trucks and big rigs with unparalleled quality and reliability that encourage pride of ownership in both drivers and customers. Peterbilt considers drivers, truck operators, owners, and fleet managers as business partners, not just customers. And as partners, the brand’s engineering team will make sure that you will get only the best products for your truck and your business. This company maintains its ISO 14001:2015 – Environmental Management System (EMS) certification to ensure that it has better environmental programs and to trim down the environmental impacts of the company’s operations and activities.

High Performance - You can rely on these parts to keep your Peterbilt truck on the road longer.

Precise Engineering - Each part is manufactured to meet your truck’s specifications.

Vast Selection - From hard-to-find parts to everyday Peterbilt truck maintenance items.

Convenience - Get your needed Peterbilt parts with just a few mouse clicks.

Peterbilt Parts

Peterbilt parts are widely known for their quality. This brand was established to provide the industry with the most reliable products that meet the highest quality standards. Peterbilt’s purpose-built vehicles are developed and assembled to stand the test of time. They are engineered by experts to ensure efficient operation and stay on the road longer. Peterbilt trucks also guarantee lower operation costs and remarkable value and performance. Fitted with an all-aluminum cab, ergonomic interior, and comfortable sleepers, these trucks exude excellent design and quality that’s expected from a Peterbilt. All Peterbilt products—from its big rigs to the wide range of replacement Peterbilt parts—are driven by innovation. From the product concept to the manufacturing and testing processes, everything about Peterbilt is open to enhancements. This results in parts that are engineered for performance to deliver maximum uptime.

Peterbilt Powertrains

Powertrains for Peterbilt trucks are constructed for high performance. No matter where you frequently drive your truck—whether on the interstate, city streets, or the job site—Peterbilt is always a smart choice.

  • Electric Powertrains

Peterbilt takes pride in being at the forefront of truck electrification. While this idea is new for the truck industry, Peterbilt’s team of experts and engineers are always up to the challenge of designing efficient, affordable, and high-performance electric powertrains that satisfy varying demands as the industry goes through technological evolution. Peterbilt leads the charge in this parts category by engaging in the three segments of the industry through its three models – 579EV, 520EV, and 220EV.

  • PACCAR Powertrain

Built for high performance, this powertrain is ready to meet the challenges of the long haul. This powertrain delivers the power, economic performance, and sturdiness you need to get the job done right. Optimized for Peterbilt, this PACCAR powertrain showcases innovative design and cutting-edge technologies and systems integrations.

Peterbilt Engines and Engine Parts

Peterbilt engines are known for their ideal balance of fuel efficiency, optimum performance, and weight savings for a wide range of applications. One of the brand’s popular lines of engines—PACCAR—is considered an engineering marvel. They are machined and built in the company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Mississippi. Dependable and durable at all times, these engines are loaded with innovations that are designed and integrated with your workload in mind. Among the innovations and advanced features packed in every PACCAR engine are: High-Pressure Common Rail Fuel Injection to ensure lower emissions and better fuel efficiency, Fractured Cap Technology that guarantees maximum strength and durability, Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to be sure that your truck is compliant with EPA emissions requirements, and Compacted Graphite Iron engine block that is 75% sturdier and 20% lighter compare to gray iron. No doubt, these engines are among the best choices available when it comes to fuel economy and performance.

Peterbilt Transmissions

Peterbilt is also known for its PACCAR transmissions that take your truck’s fuel efficiency a notch higher. These transmissions boast innovative designs and are packed with features to ensure smooth shifting and almost effortless driving when doing heavy-duty hauling. Peterbilt prides itself in offering the lightest heavy-duty automated transmissions in the market—the PACCAR 12-speed transmission. Like the PACCAR engine, the PACCAR transmission also delivers an ideal blend of unmatched power and fuel efficiency. Plus, it guarantees easy maintenance. It requires 50% less oil than other automated transmissions, and it has the longest transmission oil change interval for line haul applications. PACCAR transmissions will keep your truck running for 750,000 miles, ensuring maximum productivity.

Peterbilt Axles

Peterbilt’s axles are fitted with industry-leading technologies designed to maximize performance, safety, and vehicle uptime. These axles are designed to help you reach your destination with improved efficiency and durability. In addition, they are provided with an additional layer of protection to withstand the rigors of challenging driving conditions.

  • PACCAR Drive Axle

Known for being the industry’s lightest axles, the PACCAR axles offer optimum fuel efficiency and the ability to handle heavy payloads with ease. It comes with laser-welded differential, low-angle spiral gearing, as well as a first-of-its-kind pinion thru-shaft design. One of the popular drive axles in this line is the PACCAR 40K tandem axle, which is crafted for strength and fuel savings. They also showcase an advanced design that eliminates the use of fasteners for improved design toughness and minimal oil losses.

  • PACCAR Steer Axle

Keep your big rig going strong with the PACCAR steering axle. With its innovative wide-track axle, tandem axle, and lightweight steer axle designs, Peterbilt streamlines power distribution to maintain your truck’s performance even under demanding commercial applications. Lightweight and durable, the PACCAR front steer axle enhances vehicle payload. This front axle is made for heavy use, such as heavy hauling, construction, refuse, and other vocational applications. The PACCAR FX-20 axle, for one, guarantees exceptional performance with improved durability to match multiple applications.

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