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FinditParts is a one-stop source for the heavy duty engine parts, cng parts accessories, and fuel system products you need to supply your customers or to keep your vehicle running safely. We offer new and rebuilt/remanufactured engines, as well as filters, water pumps and turbo chargers to help keep your Light, Medium and Heavy duty truck running at its best. Drawing upon the resources of a global marketplace, FinditParts has both common stock items and harder-to-find engine components.

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PETERBILT 1104577660 tube-topdraw PETERBILT S31-6016 mode-cylinder vane PETERBILT 05-00210 spring-throttle ** pbp PETERBILT 11-03930 vent-fuel tank PETERBILT 05-16401 mount-engine front PETERBILT 11039420700 step-fuel tank alum 700mm PETERBILT 11-04517-45720 liner-strap rubber PETERBILT 05-10197 mount-engine pbp PETERBILT 11-03679 bracket-step fuel tank PETERBILT 11-03595 strap-fuel tank 23" PETERBILT 11-03596 strap-fuel tank 26" alum PETERBILT 993345 kit fan clutch PETERBILT 11040060750 step-fuel tank alum 750mm PETERBILT 05-15552 tube dipstick PETERBILT 11039420650 step-fuel tank alum 650mm PETERBILT 05-25011-0102 mount-rear engine assy PETERBILT 05-08968 mount-engine PETERBILT 11040060600 step-fuel tank alum 600mm PETERBILT 1922163PEX egr cooler PETERBILT 11-01310 pin-fuel tank strap PETERBILT 11-03984-0753 step-battery box alum 753 PETERBILT 11039420750 step-fuel tank alum 750mm PETERBILT 11040060775 step-fuel tank alum 775mm PETERBILT 11-04006-0850 genuine original oem part - step-fuel tank alum 850mm PETERBILT 1972591PEX fuel injector PETERBILT M82-6017-105025 step box PETERBILT 11-03942-0850 genuine original oem part - step-fuel tank alum 850mm PETERBILT 1104550001 strap assy-t bolt 23" dia PETERBILT 1104577584 tube-topdraw PETERBILT 11-04006-0650 step-fuel tank alum 650mm PETERBILT 11040060800 step-fuel tank alum 800mm PETERBILT 05-16120 bracket-water filter eng stl PETERBILT 1104551001 strap assy-t bolt 26" dia PETERBILT 1408926PAC valve cover PETERBILT K159-474 bracket flywheel housing s PETERBILT K159-474R bracket flywheel housing s PETERBILT 05-12503 dipstick oil level PETERBILT 05-14308 dipstick asm PETERBILT 38605-001 dipstick engine oil PETERBILT K361-554 tube dipstick transmission PETERBILT ACHA270 dipstick flexible stl PETERBILT E11-1126 bracket dipstick tube PETERBILT 994267 vent fan clutch PETERBILT 1408924PAC flywheel hous PETERBILT 11-04551-001P strap assy-t bolt 26" dia PETERBILT K159-813 leg flywheel housing lh PETERBILT 05-15687 tube dipstick 320 PETERBILT 05-16243 dipstick & tube asm PETERBILT 05-17762 tube dipstick PETERBILT 1693212PE tube dipstick PETERBILT DF1458153 dipstick PETERBILT K078-55 angle dipstick align PETERBILT 1801398C91TRP oil pan dt466 rear 81 97 PETERBILT 1814677PE plate blanking flywheel ho PETERBILT 11-04006-0700 genuine original oem part - step-fuel tank alum 700mm PETERBILT 05-15958 tube dipstick PETERBILT 05-16720 tube dipstick oil PETERBILT 05-19288 tube oil dipstick stl PETERBILT 05-18150 tube dipstick trans PETERBILT 05-19703 dipstick oil level PETERBILT 23-14353 dipstick oil level PETERBILT K361-300 tube dipstick PETERBILT K361-494-2 dipstick engine oil PETERBILT 05-14036 dipstick engine oil PETERBILT M174190 engine mount PETERBILT 17149H0R bracket fan clutch PETERBILT 994375 kit fan clutch repair 69.8 PETERBILT 05-16086 dipstick trans PETERBILT 05-03495 tube dipstick PETERBILT 05-16967 dipstick oil level PETERBILT 05-17763 dipstick trans PETERBILT 31725-205 tube dipstick PETERBILT 44141-20 cap dipstick oil PETERBILT K361-471-11 tube dipstick PETERBILT 05-18028 dipstick oil level PETERBILT 36150-20 dipstick PETERBILT 05-19043 tube-trans dipstick PETERBILT 1814678PE plate blanking flywheel ho PETERBILT 1299HAY cooler oil PETERBILT K159-855R leg housing flywheel rh PETERBILT 1408809PAC repair kit turbocharger PETERBILT 1104550001P strap assy-t bolt 23" dia PETERBILT 11-04855M000 bracket-fuel tank 26" cas PETERBILT 1953573PE egr valve PETERBILT 1816063PE housing flywheel PETERBILT 05-13860 dipstick engine oil** pbp PETERBILT 010023308 hub fan clutch PETERBILT 3-1203A cooler oil

Choose from a variety of product manufacturers, including Autolite, Bosch, Champion Spark Plugs, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Horton and Carter Fuel Pumps. And while you're reviewing your semi truck engine parts and fuel system product needs, why not take a moment to also check for other products you may need as well? With FinditParts, there's no easier, more efficient way to find all the parts you need, at a competitive price, from one reliable source.