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PAI Pyrometer Kit

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0473 0473
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Pyrometer Kit
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About PAI

A proud US manufacturer since 1973, PAI Industries, Inc. is a global leader in producing and supplying top-quality service parts to the heavy-duty trucking industry. It specializes in the design and development of powertrain components, gears, exhaust and suspension parts, and air and electrical components for use in heavy duty trucks and commercial vehicles. It uses only the latest technologies and follows stringent manufacturing processes to ensure the highest quality products come off the assembly line.

All PAI products are manufactured in an ISO 9001:2015-certified facility to guarantee compliance with the latest Quality Management System. Their performance and quality are analyzed by highly skilled technicians using various laboratory and real-world tests as well as 3D modeling, virtual simulations, and in-house Dynamometer Testing. Through these tests, PAI is confident its products meet or even exceeds the performance of their original equipment counterparts.

Almost 50 years after its founding, PAI remains committed to its customers by making sure its products and services meet the highest levels of quality. It continually strives to improve its current product offerings and introduce new products to meet the changing needs of customers. Every PAI employee believes that the key to company success lies in three important priorities: quality, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction.

PAI Parts

Part of the reason PAI has been so successful is that it is both a manufacturer and a distributor. PAI distributes service parts designed to complement various original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners. That makes compatibility issues virtually nonexistent when you're putting PAI parts into your engine applications, such as Cummins, Dana, Eaton, Fuller, Mack, Detroit Diesel, Volvo, International, or Rockwell.

PAI Powertrain Components

PAI offers the most comprehensive range of powertrain components in the aftermarket. This product lineup is composed of various engine components, including the manifolds.

Engine Components

The engine is the heart of any heavy-duty truck. It is composed of many moving parts, which are responsible for its efficient operation. When any of these components get damaged or begin to wear out, be sure to replace them at once with the part from PAI Industries.

PAI engine components are designed, manufactured, and rigorously tested to meet or exceed industry standards. They are engineered using high-grade materials to deliver optimum performance and provide better fuel economy and longer life. They are also made to guarantee temperature stability even when used under harsh conditions.

PAI’s engine component line includes block components and cylinder components. From the pistons, liners, bearings, and gaskets to heads, valves, guides, EGR, and fuel injectors, this brand has got you covered. It also includes the intake and exhaust manifolds, accessory drives, and turbochargers.

Recently, PAI launched its new high-performance engine component line. Its research and development (R&D) team worked tirelessly to produce these products, which are ever-increasing in quality, reliability, performance, durability, and fuel efficiency. This product line is explicitly designed for heavy duty engine applications.

PAI Gearing Components

The transmission is another essential component in the efficient operation of your truck. It uses the power created in the engine to keep the wheels spinning and keep the engine within a certain number of revolutions per minute. But just like the critical engine components, the gear components comprising the transmission system can also get damaged after some time. And when this happens, replacement gearing components from PAI must be used.

PAI’s gearing component line includes the most durable driveshafts, gear sets, differential gears, clutches, and more. All these critical components are made to deliver the performance that you can count on for years. PAI uses only the highest-quality steel in manufacturing these products for maximum durability. And it ensures each component goes through meticulously controlled heat treatment and precise machining for proper fit and superior performance.

PAI Exhaust Components

The main function of the exhaust system is to carry waste gases and other combustion products away from the truck’s engine. It is composed of many essential components, such as the pipes, muffler, and clamps, to perform this function as efficiently as possible. When these components badly need replacement, trust only PAI Industries.

PAI’s expansive range of exhaust components is designed for use in a wide variety of heavy-duty applications.

Exhaust Pipes

  • Turbocharger outlet
  • Intermediate
  • Rear
  • Elbows
  • Stacks


  • Round Resonators
  • Oval Resonators
  • Vertical Resonators

Coupling & Components Clamps

  • Flat u-bolt
  • Round u-bolt
  • Preformed round
  • Packaged flat
  • Exhaust band
  • V-band
  • EGR

All PAI transmission components are proudly made and 100% roll tested in the USA.

PAI Suspension Components

Smoothing out the ride and keeping the truck in control—this is the main function of the suspension system. When any of the components comprising this system starts to malfunction or becomes defective, you can say goodbye to a smooth and comfortable ride. Good thing, PAI has got the solution you need, especially if you’ve got Mack and Hendrickson suspension systems.

PAI manufactures and supplies a vast range of suspension components for use in Mack and Hendrickson suspension systems. All these parts are manufactured to the highest level of quality and have been strictly tested to withstand the toughest of environments. The parts available under this product lineup are:

  • Air springs
  • Height control valves
  • King pin kits
  • Equalizing beams & bushings
  • Tie rod ends
  • Bolsters
  • Springs
  • Saddle assemblies
  • Slipper pads cross tubes
  • Torque rods & bushings
  • Leaf springs & bushings

PAI suspension components provide the stability you need and the comfort you deserve. That’s why don’t settle for anything less when it comes to your Mack® and Hendrickson® suspension. Choose only PAI suspension components.

PAI Air & Electrical Components

The truck’s electrical system is as crucial as the engine, transmission, and suspension systems. It is the one responsible for starting the engine, keeping it running, and powering all electrical components, devices, and accessories inside the vehicle. So when it’s not performing at 100%, it could mean one or more electrical parts might need replacing.

Good thing, PAI has got you covered on this too. Searching for hard-to-find electrical components like valves, horns, switches, and sensors becomes an easy feat when you go for PAI, the complete source for air and electrical components. From air brake valves and selector valves to engine sensors and headlamps, PAI has got all you need.

PAI’s wide range of air and electronic components are designed to cover a variety of applications. It provides ground-breaking performance and longer part life than the competing parts.

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