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PACCAR Air Brake Valve

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VS25224 VS25224
3-way auto reset slider air valve | valve 3 way auto reset (more info...) 3-way auto reset slider air valve | valve 3 way auto reset
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Air Brake Valve
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About Paccar

If you've ever driven a truck in North America, there's a big chance that it's made by Paccar. For more than 115 years, Paccar has been a leading supplier of light, medium, and heavy duty trucks and truck components in the US, Canada, and Mexico. The brand covers several iconic nameplates such as Kenworth and Peterbilt as well as its own line of high-performance Paccar parts such as powertrains, fuel delivery systems, and winches.

Paccar traces its roots all the way back to 1905 as the Seattle Car Manufacturing Company, which produced railway and logging equipment in Washington state. Following a devastating factory fire and the financial crisis of 1907, the company was forced to reorganize and merge with Twohy Brothers of Portland, its biggest competitor on the West Coast. This merger formed the Pacific Car and Foundry Company, a name which it had kept for 55 years and was the basis for the modern-day Paccar brand.

While it saw moderate success making railway and industrial cars in the early decades of the 20th century, the declining demand for boxcars prompted Paccar to look for other business opportunities. Fortunately, the company had already begun to develop its own line of logging trucks. These trucks, known as the "Universal Trailer" and had a distinct two-wheeled trailer design, turned out to be a success and eventually became one of the key products in its portfolio.

But the real game-changer came in 1945 when Paccar acquired the Kenworth Motor Truck Company, one of America's leading manufacturers of heavy duty trucks. This was followed by the acquisition of another industry giant, the Peterbilt Motors Company, in the late 1950s. The company saw further acquisitions in the following decades, including European truck brands such as DAF, Leyland, and Foden Trucks, and expansion into key markets in Australia, Mexico, and Western Europe. The company's structural steel division was also among those responsible for supplying the steel for the famed space needle and played a major part in the construction of the original New York World Trade Center.

Today, Paccar is a Fortune 500 company with headquarters in Bellevue, Washington, USA. It has a global reach with manufacturing facilities in North and South America, Australia, and Europe under the Paccar, Kenworth, Leyland, Peterbilt, and DAF nameplates and exports its products through an extensive dealer network in more than 100 countries worldwide. In addition, the company also offers financial services, information technology, and Paccar parts distribution related to its principal business.

Paccar Parts

Designed specifically for Kenworth, Peterbilt, DAF, and other Paccar-built trucks, genuine Paccar parts have a factory-fit quality and superior performance that countless customers have come to rely on Packard for over a century. Every part is tested and manufactured according to the original specifications, resulting in consistently optimized performance and high resale value. In addition, all genuine Paccar parts are tested to comply with international safety and environmental standards and backed with a full warranty and customer support.

Paccar Engine

Whether it's a light delivery truck or a large semi, Paccar-built vehicles are equipped with an engine that's engineered to go the distance. Each Paccar engine is fine-tuned according to specific operating requirements, ensuring consistent power and torque across a wide operating range and under heavy highway hauling applications. The engine is also optimized for seamless performance with Paccar transmission and axle systems, ensuring exceptional power, fuel efficiency, ease of service, driver satisfaction, longevity, and return of investment.

Paccar Powertrain

Paccar powertrains are designed from the ground up to work seamlessly with Paccar-series engines and axles. It utilizes the latest advancements in powertrain engineering to provide more power and durability to move maximum loads more efficiently. These powertrain systems are exceptionally lightweight, thanks to a weight-saving aluminum housing and cooler-free lubrication system; plus, they are among the best overall gear ratio coverage in their class. The electronics are also fully encased, minimizing their exposure to the elements that might lead to corrosion. Coupled with longer maintenance intervals and easy-to-service replaceable parts, Paccar powertrain systems can greatly reduce downtime and maximize your investment.

Paccar Axle

Paccar axle systems feature next-generation linehaul axles that deliver a fuel-efficient and lightweight design for a lower cost of ownership. They utilize cutting-edge technologies, including a special pinion thru-shaft, spiral bevel gearing, and advanced laser welding that eliminates internal fasteners for increased structural strength. Proprietary manufacturing processes also make the Paccar axle lighter, with up to 150 lbs. in weight savings compared to competing axles of its class.

Paccar Winch

Paccar also manufactures heavy duty winch systems for trailer, agricultural, marine, and industrial applications under the Braden, Gearco, and Gearmatic nameplates. These winches feature a solid and compact design that's ideal for recovery applications and a high-capacity ductile iron cable drum. For increased flexibility, worm and planetary gears are available in multiple gear types and ratios with free-spool clutches for controlled cable removal or connecting cables to the load by hand. Customers can also choose between hydraulic and mechanical motors to accommodate their specific needs.

Dynacraft Systems

In addition to individual parts, Paccar also manufactures complete assemblies for heavy duty commercial vehicle applications. These assemblies are custom built for each truck to ensure seamless operation and ease of maintenance.

  • Emission systems - Emissions after-treatment units are assembled and line-sequenced using robot-assisted techniques and other advanced manufacturing techniques. These ensure the highest levels of quality and consistent emissions control.
  • Battery boxes - Dynacraft battery boxes also undergo line-sequenced assembly but with custom components for the electrical system depending on the application. Paccar also has the capability to produce a complete assembly that’s ready for installation, including the batteries and the harnesses.
  • Treadle valves - Dynacraft’s unique air brake system valves combine advanced material planning abilities with superior system configurations. This results in precise management of high variation product lines common with heavy duty air brake systems.
  • Dash panels - With hundreds of designs to choose from, Dynacraft dash panels utilize the latest part picking and assembly technology to drive consistent quality in the assembly line.
  • Hardlines and hardline assemblies - Found in Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks, Dynacraft hardlines are designed to optimize multiple air and fluid systems. All parts are manufactured in-house to ensure consistent quality at an accessible cost. Also, as with other Dynacraft components, the hardlines are line sequenced and delivered for installation in Paccar trucks.
  • Battery cables and power feed harnesses - Dynacraft battery cables are highly flexible without sacrificing durability, allowing for hassle-free routing and secure connections. They are also made of corrosion-resistant materials for long service life.

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