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Jump starters share the same core function: to get a vehicle with a drained battery up and running. But not all jump starters are created equal, with some brands offering more bang for the buck. One such brand that's a cut above the rest is Booster Pac. 

For more than 30 years, Booster Pac has been a trusted name in providing portable power solutions for the automotive sector. The brand offers a wide range of handheld jump starters, ranging from compact models suitable for passenger vehicles to professional units designed for heavy duty trucks and commercial vehicles, with distinctive features that make them highly reliable and easier to use than the competition.

So what makes Booster Pac jump starters different? It all comes down to power. Their core models are capable of 1500 peak amps and 400 cranking amps, which are much higher than those from competing brands and capable of jump-starting up to five vehicles in a single charge. Booster Pac jump starters are also built to take a beating, with a heavy-duty ES Series battery, industrial-grade Hot Jaw clamps, and an auto-shutoff feature for protection against over-charging.

Whether you manage a maintenance bay or want to make sure you've got enough power at your campsite, Booster PAC jump starters are ideal tools to have around. If you're looking for great deals on Booster PAC products, be sure to check them out at FinditParts. We have a massive selection of high-quality jump starters, tools, and replacement parts at affordable prices.