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"Making mobility safe and efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly;" this is Knorr-Bremse's mission. The company has adhered to this mission for over 110 years now. And it helped propel Knorr Bremse into what it is today—a global leader in the production of brake systems and a well-known supplier of safety-critical sub-systems for rail and commercial vehicles. 

Knorr-Bremse also aims to contribute to the safety and efficiency of goods and passenger transport. Its Commercial Vehicle Systems division provides customers with best-in-class braking systems for trucks, buses, trailers, and agricultural machinery. While in the chassis systems sector, the company is the leader in driver assistance, air supply, and electronic control systems. This Knorr-Bremse division also offers torsional vibration dampers, powertrain-related systems, and steering systems for diesel engines. The world's leading commercial vehicle manufacturers count on Knorr-Bremse for these systems as well as Driver Assistance System solutions all around the powertrain.

When you need to replace your big rig's air brake system components, you may want to see what FinditParts has to offer before wandering down to your local truck parts retailers. Our online catalog contains an extensive selection of Knorr-Bremse parts for your truck, bus, commercial vehicle, motorhome, trailer, heavy-duty equipment, or specialty vehicle. We carry a wide range of Knorr-Bremse disc brakes, foot valves, brake pedals, calipers, air cylinders, compressors, and a lot more. Shop here and enjoy low prices every day and not just on the occasional sale period. If you need help in finding a particular Knorr-Bremse product, feel free to contact us.

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KNORR-BREMSE BR9156 dennis abs modulator valve KNORR-BREMSE 0-486-104-122 abs electronic control unit KNORR-BREMSE KN28071X valve reman KNORR-BREMSE BZ3713 brake chamber KNORR-BREMSE LK4921 compressor KNORR-BREMSE K039062 K50 KW10/15 tool maintenance axle zf cta KNORR-BREMSE 40100F air dryer filter cartridge KNORR-BREMSE MB4849 knorr bremse foot valve KNORR-BREMSE DR3563 regulator KNORR-BREMSE 109 2001 000 clutch cylinder KNORR-BREMSE K2C2023X brake actuator KNORR-BREMSE AE9104 magnet valve KNORR-BREMSE K2B0526 brake chamber KNORR-BREMSE BS3275 t14 16mm 57mm disc brake single KNORR-BREMSE K002965 brake caliper KNORR-BREMSE 0 486 021 001 sensor KNORR-BREMSE K001268C57 air compressor KNORR-BREMSE SK2801/1 repair kit KNORR-BREMSE DR4350 valve anti retour KNORR-BREMSE 757-131-46 pressure piece KNORR-BREMSE SV3360 shut-off valve KNORR-BREMSE 1186722X57 air compressor KNORR-BREMSE BZ4600 cylinder KNORR-BREMSE KZ774/2RM brake chamber KNORR-BREMSE LK3904 air brake compressor KNORR-BREMSE 0 481 039 268 valve KNORR-BREMSE 351765 disc brk KNORR-BREMSE SN7350-K051226 caliper brake KNORR-BREMSE II41063F pneumatic silencer KNORR-BREMSE K003800 caliper KNORR-BREMSE BZ-4304 cylinder KNORR-BREMSE MB4510 brake pedal & valve KNORR-BREMSE K000806 kit wear sensor indicator KNORR-BREMSE K020023 valve - air brake modulator KNORR-BREMSE LK1909 compressor KNORR-BREMSE 0486000182100 anti-lock brake sensor KNORR-BREMSE RE1121 relay valve KNORR-BREMSE 443 612 241 000 foot valve KNORR-BREMSE SB77161134459 disc brake KNORR-BREMSE SK2615/1 repair kit KNORR-BREMSE ZB3347 brake asm KNORR-BREMSE EF241QA brake chamber KNORR-BREMSE 0481009040 pressure limiting valve 7.5 bar 22mm KNORR-BREMSE AC574AA relay valve - air brake KNORR-BREMSE SEB01805 compressor KNORR-BREMSE BZ4114 air cylinder KNORR-BREMSE 295445 slack adjuster KNORR-BREMSE SK2914/1 air dryer element kit KNORR-BREMSE K002797 caliper KNORR-BREMSE 0-501-100-037 solenoid KNORR-BREMSE BR9191 solenoid valve abs KNORR-BREMSE LP3998 compressor KNORR-BREMSE 0-486-104-054 abs-kb ecu 6ch plc/atc KNORR-BREMSE K000027 brake carrier KNORR-BREMSE K000129 kit - brake lining pad retainer