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A vehicle fire can happen anytime. With the number of combustible items—including electrical connections and fuel—that are cramped together in such a small space, sparks or improper ignition can take place under the hood, causing a dangerous fire. That is why you should outfit your trucks or commercial vehicles with the necessary fire safety equipment. In that case, there's no other brand to trust than Kidde.  

Kidde Fire Systems is a world-recognized industry leader in providing total system solutions for superior hazard fire protection. It takes pride in its comprehensive portfolio of fire detection, notification, suppression, and control products that can be customized to fit specific applications. For many years now, Kidde Fire Systems products have been used to protect many industries around the world, including power, mining, manufacturing, marine, semiconductor, oil and gas, education, commercial cooking, cultural and heritage, service, as well as timber and wood.

The brand's Sentinel System offers reliable fire detection and suppression solutions that are fully integrated into vehicles in the mining, agribusiness, and forestry applications. These products are meticulously made and tested to meet or even exceed the most challenging fire hazards for vehicles in said applications. The Kidde Sentinel System products that would keep your fleet and your drivers safe include fire extinguishers, fire blankets, smoke alarms, heat detectors, and a whole lot more. This manufacturer even carries safety products as well as repair shop equipment and supplies for mechanics and auto or truck repair shops. 

Outfitting your trucks and commercial vehicle with fire safety equipment makes a lot of sense now more than ever. Good news! FinditParts carries a wide assortment of Kidde products to help achieve your goal of protecting your fleet more easily and affordably. Shop now, and we'll send it to you fast. 

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KIDDE 440162MTLK automotive fire extinguisher 2.5 lb abc fc110 w/ plasticstrap bracket KIDDE 466425K 5 lb abc automotive fc340m-vb extinguisher w/ metal strap bracket KIDDE 440162 abc extg fc110 KIDDE 21026915 extinguisher -5lb dual listing KIDDE 440161MTL fire extinguisher KIDDE 08-819991-009 temperature switch 230-240f spst KIDDE 46622701 pro line multi-purpose 2.5 lb abc w/ metal vehicle bracket KIDDE 466425 automotive fire extinguisher 5 lb abc fc340m-vb w/ metal strap bracket KIDDE 466422 automotive fire extinguisher 2.75 lb bc fc10m w/ plastic bracket w/ metal strap KIDDE 368064 bracket 5# heavy d KIDDE 420119 bracket exting KIDDE 466112 5 wwall hanger KIDDE 21719200 thermal lug sensing element KIDDE 440160N extinguisher KIDDE 21006287MTL automobile fire dry chemical extinguishers, KIDDE 466400 bracket KIDDE 366242 bracket KIDDE 466204 pro line multi-purpose 10 lb abc w/ wall hook KIDDE 46642327 KIDDE 466142MTL recreational fire extinguisher KIDDE 08-819791-C04 temperature switch KIDDE 440161 10b/c kidd KIDDE 292474 bracket KIDDE 420118 mt bracket mb15 KIDDE 46611201 pro line multi-purpose 5 lb abc w/ metal vehicle bracket KIDDE 468001 5# abc w/wall hook 3a40b c KIDDE 421262 display - 2 zone panel KIDDE 466423 automotive fire extinguisher 2.5 lb abc fc110m w/ plastic bracket w/ metal strap KIDDE 466296MTL KIDDE 440160MTL extinguisher KIDDE 475854 mounting clamp - thermal lug sensing element KIDDE 466206 pro line multi-purpose 20 lb abc w/ wall hook KIDDE 46642527 KIDDE 440162MTL fire extinguish fire extinguish