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Lisle Corporation is an American manufacturer of specialty tools designed for various applications, from the engine, body, and electrical to the exhaust, suspension, and heavy duty applications. It is a privately-owned company that has a rich history spanning over 115 years. 

Lisle was established in 1903 when C. A. Lisle marketed its first product—the horse-powered water well drilling machines. By the mid-20s, the brand released its first automotive product—the master ignition vibrator built for Ford Model T vehicles. Over the years, Lisle has continued to expand and produced more products and services, including magnetic drain plugs in the 1930s, a growing list of automotive tools in the 1950s, and a line of mechanic’s garage creepers, which is still being offered today.

Lisle’s specialty automotive tool line now consists of over 650 tools, with most of these products being manufactured at its improved facility located in Clarinda, Iowa. These automotive tools, along with the brand’s mechanic's creepers and lubrication & tire products, are the preferred products of most automotive warehouse distributors and jobbers today. That’s because these are not only of high quality but are also reasonably priced, giving more value for their money. 

When it’s time to get new specialty tools for your fleet maintenance or DIY truck repair projects, make sure to get the ones made by Lisle. FinditParts carries a massive selection of Lisle specialty tools. We have neatly categorized these products so that you can click through them and find the exact Lisle parts that you need. If you already know what you need, you can also conduct a simple part search or just start scrolling down our list of Lisle parts. 

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LISLE 49000 truck brake cage bolt socket, 3/4" LISLE 17060 5" adapter for tailpipe stretcher LISLE 50700 brake adjustment tool LISLE 38780 22" square no splatter pad LISLE 95002 fold up creeper LISLE 17892 transmission/oil drain funnel LISLE 21500 piston ring compressor 7 to 10in LISLE 11302 bowl funnel LISLE 92132 2" pop-in wheels for low profile plastic creepers LISLE 42400 air line disconnect set LISLE 55760 schrader hose 5-1/16x32 ford LISLE 40120 1/4” magnetic socket holder - red LISLE 34550 hand bearing packer LISLE 31370 3/16" adapter LISLE 61850 truck hub seal installer kit, 5pc LISLE 47900 hose remover pliers LISLE 54300 "swivel grip" oil filter wrench for caterpillar engines LISLE 56750 seal puller LISLE 38450 3 pc. stc® fitting release tool set LISLE 31380 1/4" adapter LISLE 45900 hood prop LISLE 29120 11 pt truck brack caliper socket LISLE 39190 heater hose disconnect gm 3/4" LISLE 68220 self-adjusting wire stripper LISLE 54200 oil filter wrench for cummins & detroit diesel engines LISLE 53100 adjustable oil filter wrench LISLE 43600 universal fan clutch wrench set LISLE 11420 1-1/4" capacity hose cutter LISLE 15000 engine cylinder hone LISLE 19852 truck and trailer wheel pan LISLE 29450 short pneumatic anchor pin bushing tool LISLE 36880 dual overhead cam lock tool LISLE 46300 1-3/8" crows foot for lis45750 inner tie rod tool LISLE 61840 engine barring tool for paccar LISLE 89560 rubber tube 28" LISLE 12800 13 piece master pneumatic bearing race & seal driver set LISLE 14540 headlight adjusting ratchet for ford LISLE 36500 2-11/16" to 5-5/16" cylinder ridge reamer LISLE 47000 windshield locking strip tool LISLE 43580 fan clutch spanner wrench for gm & dodge LISLE 56200 air bag removal tool, mopar LISLE 36580 ridge reamer expansion band LISLE 28950 truck wheel stud installer LISLE 31390 5/16" adapter LISLE 50600 single spring brake tool LISLE 13000 exhaust manifold spreader LISLE 57040 large swivel-gripper™ LISLE 65200 deep hole aluminum head m14x1.25 spark plug hole repair kit LISLE 17350 pipe stretcher kit LISLE 22110 flywheel locking tool for duramax LISLE 71000 LISLE 54720 wr 80mm oil filt end cp LISLE 57010 extra small swivel-gripper™ LISLE 66130 m14 x 1.25" thread insert, 10 pack LISLE 20680 replac bulb LISLE 22800 wheel stud installer LISLE 28440 replacement bulb for lis28400 circuit tester LISLE 39210 main fuel line disconnect for toyota and nissan LISLE 45100 brake spring tool LISLE 54800 replaced by lis61590 LISLE 61110 diesel filter wrench for 6" davco LISLE 10400 disc brake hone LISLE 58500 hook LISLE 63250 wide range filter wrench LISLE 75400 vacuum pump repair kit LISLE 60620 orange relay test jumper LISLE 69700 turbo system leakage test set, 13pc LISLE 11052 black cap LISLE 65700 broken spark plug remover kit for ford triton 3 valve engines LISLE 13250 oil pressure switch socket LISLE 23400 transmission / transaxle plugs LISLE 31530 cutter wheels for lis31500 exhaust cutting tool LISLE 39650 39mm 12 pt axle nut socket for toyota LISLE 51450 harmonic damper pulley puller LISLE 12550 3 pc. brake caliper bit set LISLE 18000 universal camshaft bearing tool LISLE 24560 replacement bulb LISLE 25750 dual piston brake pad spreader LISLE 40750 parking brake cable remover LISLE 53400 universal 3" oil filter wrench LISLE 57020 small swivel-gripper™ LISLE 65960 thread insert LISLE 12300 nox & soot socket 24mm LISLE 54870 3pc puller jaw set hemi LISLE 40900 large magnetic 1/2” socket tray - red LISLE 54400 "swivel grip" oil / fuel filter wrench LISLE 34910 water sensor wrench, aftermarket LISLE 33260 3/16in&1/4in dble flar tool LISLE 49040 truck cage bolt socket, 1-1/16" LISLE 41440 5 pc. stepped pickle fork kit LISLE 39660 transmission oil cooler line scissors 3/8" x 1/2" LISLE 24680 spill-free™ funnel set for the cooling system LISLE 22930 3/8" low profile jiffy-tite disconnect LISLE 12660 handle for bearing and seal installer LISLE 18350 4 segments expander for lis18000 LISLE 19860 tire deflator set for tpms valve stems LISLE 63600 import car filter wrench LISLE 19702 8 quart dispenser with lid and cap LISLE 37160 disconnect pliers for fuel & evap line fittings LISLE 12230 oxygen sensor thread chaser LISLE 24800 18 piece seal driver kit up to 3-3/8" LISLE 39960 3/8" & 1/2" transmission oil cooler line disconnect for ford LISLE 39000 no slip pulley puller LISLE 97112 rubber caster w/bracket LISLE 16460 replacement stone 80gt LISLE 61900 heavy duty truck bearing race and seal driver set LISLE 71400 manifold drill template for gm 4.8l, 5.3l & 6.0l LISLE 49020 truck cage bolt socket, 15/16” LISLE 60790 12mm wrench LISLE 60200 heavy duty strap filter wrench LISLE 81100 tp55 torx plus bit LISLE 14700 3/8" drive oil filter socket for 2.2l gm LISLE 19380 spark tester LISLE 25000 rear wheel disc brake tool LISLE 37410 ford camshaft alignment kit LISLE 35900 led flexible flashlight LISLE 40200 large magnetic 3/8” socket tray - red LISLE 51900 spot weld chisel LISLE 53250 large "swivel grip" oil filter wrench LISLE 59000 ratcheting serpentine belt tool LISLE 69300 master relay and fused circuit test kit LISLE 82270 t-40 super torx bit LISLE 77080 19mm harmonic balancer socket for honda LISLE 13800 water pump sprocket holder for gm ecotec LISLE 26600 t-27 torx® bit LISLE 32750 tailpipe expander LISLE 36050 valve keeper remover & installer kit LISLE 57560 1/2 in. square drive adapter LISLE 96132 creeper wheel - 2" replacement wheel for steel creeper, rubber LISLE 59530 handle extension (with tapped hole) LISLE 26820 e-10 torx® socket LISLE 61570 76mm - 14 flutes end cap wrench LISLE 64970 parasitic drain tester LISLE 39850 master plus disconnect set LISLE 61060 diesel filter wrench for paccar LISLE 63830 61-124mm 3 jaw filter wrench with adapter LISLE 80210 short hose remover LISLE 36440 metric valve keeper installer LISLE 12820 pneumatic driving handle LISLE 37060 5/16" disconnect tool LISLE 45820 crowsfoot wrench 1-7/16" LISLE 39430 1/2" angled ac/fuel line disconnect LISLE 61610 86mm - 14 flutes LISLE 61620 88.4mm 15 flutes heavy-duty end cap wrench LISLE 13500A 41mm water pump wrench for gm 1.6l LISLE 22240 red adapter b w/ gasket LISLE 63850 58-110mm 3 jaw filter wrench with adapter LISLE 71020 12 piece master brake kit LISLE 12620 1.750" plate LISLE 39810 hydraulic clutch line disc Browse more...