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About Hogebuilt

Semi-trailers and commercial trucks are big and complex vehicles that pose unique risks on the roads and highways. When your truck gets involved in a “fender-bender,” you had better deal with it right away so as not to prolong your truck or fleet’s downtime. For top-caliber fenders for trucks and vehicles, you won’t go wrong in choosing Hogebuilt. Driven by its mission "to produce the best-looking, high-quality stainless steel fenders for the trucking industry and to achieve The Ultimate Finish for Trucks," Hogebuilt provides the truck and automotive markets with fenders that will breathe new life into your heavy-duty truck or semi-trailer.

In 1944, Hogebuilt had its beginnings in the heavy-duty truck market with the release of its first line of 24″ quarter fenders. With their highly efficient spray suppression design, these quarter fenders quickly rose to success and became the leader in the quarter fender market. Hogebuilt cemented its status as the leader in quality and design with the introduction of the industry’s very first 27″, 30″, and 34″ quarter fender choices crafted from 304 stainless steel with a mirror finish and the company’s exclusive 3 inches side flange. This side flange is famous for being the longest in the industry and for providing Hogebuilt products with a sleek look that meets the customers’ needs.

For the past 75 years, Hogebuilt remains a globally recognized leader in producing premium-quality truck and trailer spray suppression systems. Since its inception, this brand has been known for providing the truck and automotive parts markets with original, handcrafted, and premium quality products.

Hogebuilt Parts

All Hogebuilt parts are handcrafted with pride in the USA. This brand is known for its full line of truck fenders for various applications. It includes a comprehensive range of full tandem, half tandem, quarter, and single axle fenders. To complement this array of fenders, Hogebuilt developed the industry’s first complete line of exceptional suspension-specific mounting brackets. At present, this brand carries products for a wide range of models to fill the needs of major truck manufacturers.


Hogebuilt’s full range of fenders is formed from premium 304 stainless steel with mirror finish for attractive looks and long-lasting shine. This brand also added a value line of quarter fenders manufactured in 430 stainless steel with a shiny, mirror-like luster. These fenders are securely attached to the suspension system with Hogebuilt’s precision-made custom brackets. Both the Hogebuilt quarter fenders and the custom brackets are factory-installed options on select Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks.

  • Half-tandem fenders

Hogebuilt’s half-tandem fenders are offered in a choice of 304 and 430 stainless steel constructions with a perfect mirror finish. For easy and secure mounting, these fenders can be purchased along with premium option kits, custom mounting options, and mid-grade option kits. These half-tandem fenders are designed to shield a single wheel on a dual-wheel axle. A durable, half-tandem fender is needed to ensure safe highway driving not only for the truck, but also for other vehicles on the road.

  • Full-tandem fenders

Designed to cover both wheels of a dual wheel axle, this type of fender offers an exceptional level of protection from debris and liquid spray. They sport a unique and aesthetically pleasing design to provide the truck and other motorists with maximum protection from mud, sand, liquids, rocks, and other debris that the truck’s big rotating tires may throw your way.

  • Single-axle fenders

When you are ready to protect your truck with a new set of fenders, go for Hogebuilt’s single-axle fenders. These fenders are well-engineered to provide superior control of spray and debris off the tires. More than enhancing your truck’s appearance, these fenders have a practical function, and that is to help ensure clean, damage-free freight and a safer environment not just for you but for other drivers on the road.

  • Quarter fenders

Hogebuilt never stops innovating. And these quarter fenders are proof of that. Installing a set of quarter fenders to your truck means providing it with more than the standard protection against water and road debris. These Hogebuilt fenders also help drivers maneuver their trucks with ease while adding a touch of style. Since they are crafted from high-grade stainless steel, you get remarkable shine and corrosion protection.


No other component can help you achieve that cool look other than a well-made semi-truck grill. Hogebuilt manufactures grills that allow maximum airflow under the hood. The air that passes through the grille helps cool down engines, radiators, and other moving components of a vehicle. Hogebuilt grilles are made from top-caliber materials to ensure durability and resistance to minor impacts.

Hogebuilt’s part specialists understand that as you drive down the highway, especially in rural areas, your truck’s grill will surely come in contact with all sorts of objects—from bugs and branches to the occasional running deer. This is why Hogebuilt makes sure that its full array of truck grills for Peterbilt, Kenworth, Freightliner, and other truck makes do not only look good and commands attention but are also constructed from strong, durable materials.

Mounting Brackets and Components

Besides its full selection of fenders and grilles, Hogebuilt also engineers custom brackets to make the installation of Hogebuilt parts easy and hassle-free. There are also custom brackets to fit specific applications. Like other products from this brand, these mounting brackets are also made from high-grade stainless steel to match the fender’s sturdiness and corrosion resistance. They are engineered in the same manufacturing facility where the world-renowned Hogebuilt fenders and grilles are made to ensure that they offer the same level of sturdiness.

The mounting components produced by this brand are u-bolt kits, stainless-steel clamps, single post mounts, adjustable support brackets, and a lot more. Made in the USA, these mounting brackets and components are the perfect solution to mount and secure Hogebuilt products to your big rig.

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