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About Hendrickson

For Hendrickson, nurturing innovation is key not only to its unrelenting success but also to fueling growth. It has been at the forefront of innovation since the beginning. Its primary belief is that as long as the world is changing, innovation should never rest. That is why it continually seeks ways to improve its products, build relationships, and provide services that benefit fleet owners and operators and truck and trailer manufacturers worldwide. Based in Chicago, Illinois, this small company used to manufacture crane-equipped trucks used primarily for hauling stone and other building materials. But now, it's one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of medium and heavy-duty mechanical, elastomeric, and air suspensions to the global commercial transportation industry

Genuine - Original parts, original fit, and original performance to keep your fleet on the road longer.

Proven Quality - More than 100 years of manufacturing experience, providing only the best quality in the industry.

Wide Coverage - Offering a wide selection of products for the global commercial transportation industry, including on-highway, vocational, and specialty markets.

Global Operations - Hendrickson’s operations expand the globe with facilities in North America, Latin America, Europe, Turkey, India, China, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Hendrickson Parts

Hendrickson offers a vast range of parts, including air suspensions, tire pressure control systems, auxiliary lift axle systems, axles and brake systems, springs, stabilizers, bumpers, and various replacement parts and accessories. All Hendrickson parts are manufactured with improved productivity and profitability in mind.

Hendrickson Shock Absorber

Engineered by industry experts, the Hendrickson shock absorber helps optimize the performance of your truck’s suspension system. It is used primarily to dampen or absorb the compression and rebound of the springs and suspension, resulting in improved ride quality and vehicle handling. Without a properly working shock absorber, it will be difficult to maneuver your rig, especially when going through road surface irregularities. To know if it’s time to replace the shock absorber in your vehicle, be wary of these signs and symptoms: bumpy ride, unusual noises, reduced handling and braking ability, fluid leaks, and irregular tire wear. Shock absorbers from Hendrickson are performance tested and manufactured to exacting standards, so they are easy to install and work just like the old and damaged shock absorber you removed from your vehicle.

Hendrickson Tire Hose

The Hendrickson TIREMAAX and TIREMAAX PRO tire pressure control systems have revolutionized the way tires are inflated or relieved to the preset pressure level based on changing environmental conditions. But just like in any tire pressure control system, their components will likely need replacement after some time. The Hendrickson tire hose, for one, is a premium replacement hose designed to restore the efficient performance of your Hendrickson tire pressure control system. A part of the comprehensive TIREMAAX Series air inflation system and components, this tire hose assembly is manufactured using tough materials for outstanding durability and reliability even when used under rough conditions.

Hendrickson Axle Hub Cap

The Hendrickson axle hub cap is built to offer ultimate wheel-end protection. It effectively eliminates contamination from dirt, dust, sand, and water. It is engineered with efficiency in mind and rigorously tested to ensure consistent performance and maximum durability. Backed by Hendrickson’s more than 100 years of engineering expertise, this hub cap is guaranteed to last longer in service. It is undoubtedly a smart investment as it helps extend a vehicle’s life and increase profitability. Fleet owners and operators can sure benefit from this product as it’s made to meet even the most stringent quality requirements.

Hendrickson Valves

Hendrickson carries a vast selection of valves that includes the reset valve and the height control valve. The Hendrickson reset valve is designed to control the release of the slider pins when the barking brakes are fully engaged. The Hendrickson height control valve, on the other hand, is what manages the airflow to the suspension's air springs to ensure consistent ride height is maintained. Each Hendrickson valve is manufactured to deliver superior performance and durability, making it a popular option among fleet managers and commercial vehicle owners and operators. It meets or even exceeds OEM standards, so you can rest easy knowing that you are buying a trusted product.

Hendrickson Tie Rod End

Attached at the tip of your truck’s tie rod, the Hendrickson tie rod end acts primarily as a connecting device between the wheels and the steering and suspension components. It is what makes steering your vehicle possible. But because of the stress that this component experiences on a daily basis, it wears out over time. It’s high time to get a replacement tie rod end once you notice any of the following symptoms: uneven tire wear, poor front wheel alignment, jittery steering wheel, clunking noises and shaking, and play in the wheel. Tie rod ends from Hendrickson are reliable replacement components engineered to deliver superb performance, outstanding durability, and extended service life.

Hendrickson Air Suspension Spring

To ensure your vehicle’s air suspension system constantly operates at the correct ride height, equip it with a premium-quality Hendrickson air suspension spring. This product is tuned and explicitly designed for approved truck and trailer applications. It is proven to deliver optimized ride quality, road stability, and durability since these factors are seriously considered during the entire manufacturing process. When it comes to your truck or trailer, don’t settle for anything less! It’s your investment, so protect it by getting only the most reliable air suspension spring from Hendrickson. Nothing knows your truck or trailer suspension better than the expert in suspension manufacturing itself.

Hendrickson Replacement Components

Whether you need a new u-bolt hardware, bushing, or washer, Hendrickson has got the replacement parts that you need. Repair and maintenance have always been crucial in keeping your vehicle running smoothly, so a wide array of Hendrickson washers, bushings, and other hardware and supplies is made available for you. These parts are manufactured to meet OEM specifications, so they will fit and work seamlessly.

Shop Hendrickson Products at FinditParts.com

Hendrickson makes truck suspension parts for every corner, and FinditParts.com has them all available online. We carry more than 10,000 unique Hendrickson components as part of our inventory of over nine million— yes, million—parts. Make us your stop to get the parts you need with competitive pricing, reliable shipping, and friendly folks to assist at every bump or turn. Why shop for your needed Hendrickson shock absorber, air suspension spring, tie rod end, and other replacement parts at FinditParts? Because we make online shopping a lot more convenient for you. Yes, you can place your order with us even during the wee hours of the night or morning, whichever is more convenient for you. If you need help in placing your order, you may contact our customer service team via phone or email. We, just like Hendrickson, believe that innovation is key to improving not just the product lineup and services that we offer but also the relationships that we build with our customers and partner suppliers. We sure won't stop at anything until we see our customers fully satisfied with our products and services.