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Hayes Lemmerz is the world's largest manufacturer of aluminum and steel wheels for passenger and commercial vehicles. It has been an OEM supplier for major automobile manufacturers worldwide with main production facilities in North America, Asia, and Europe and joint ventures in South Africa, India, Brazil, and Mexico since 1908. It was formerly known as the Hayes Wheel Company, which supplied wooden spoke wheels to the world's first mass-produced automobiles. Today, Hayes Lemmerz maintains a dominant share of the OEM and aftermarket wheel sector in the United States as part of the multinational auto parts supplier Iochpe-Maxion Group.

With a worldwide network of logistics, engineering, R&D, and manufacturing facilities, Hayes Lemmerz is one of a handful of manufacturers who can provide high-quality wheels to global markets. These result in wheels of exceptional quality and reliability with no additional cost to the customer. For commercial applications, Hayes Lemmerz offers both tube-type and tubeless rims in several widths, diameters, and configurations to meet various demands of drivers and fleet owners around the world. Also, all Hayes Lemmerz wheels undergo the same design, technology, and controls during production to ensure consistent quality.

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