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About Goodyear Belts

Goodyear has been a household brand for rubber tires for more than a hundred years. But for many truckers, the name is also a trusted source of V-belts. Established in 1948, Goodyear Belts has been the go-to brand for power transmission belts. It’s especially known for its line of heavy duty V-belts for passenger and commercial vehicles, which is notable for its refined engineering, synthetic rubber construction, and long service life.

Today, Goodyear Belts remains one of Goodyear’s leading divisions, with millions of belts used in various applications, from lawnmower motors to assembly line equipment. But wherever these belts are found, you can be sure that Goodyear Belts products will provide reliable performance, especially when they’re needed the most.

Goodyear Belts Parts

Goodyear Belts currently specializes in standard and multi-V belts for light to heavy duty vehicles as well as industrial equipment. These Goodyear Belts parts are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to accommodate the different needs of customers.

Automotive. Goodyear’s automotive multi V-belts have a track record of performing at the highest level that exceeds OE requirements. Each belt features innovative engineering and premium materials to ensure longer belt life and quiet operation. So whether it's for scheduled repairs or major restorations, Goodyear Belts products are guaranteed to increase the vehicle’s efficiency.

  • Belts feature clear branding with bright yellow paint for easy identification
  • Synthetic tension members with a precision-balanced twist cord to ensure neutral tracking during operation
  • Adhesive rubber layer for increased belt integrity
  • Precision-ground ribs for maximum contact between the belt and pulley

Industrial. Goodyear Belts takes pride in helping turn the wheels of industry around the world for over a century with the toughest belts of its class in the market. Available in Classic and Narrow models, Goodyear’s V-belts offer exceptional tensile strength, advanced bonding, cutting-edge synthetic rubber compounds, and other features that outlast the competition in service life and performance.

  • Belts feature clear branding with bright yellow paint for easy identification
  • Static conductive cover that’s both oil and abrasion-resistant
  • Tensile cords made of proprietary high-strength synthetic material for minimal tension decay and easier maintenance
  • Adhesive rubber layer for increased belt integrity

Truck & bus. Whether it’s helping keep fleets on the road or heavy equipment running at the job site, Goodyear Belts is up to the task. Its line of standard and multi heavy duty V-belts is designed to be extremely durable and can handle the heat and tension that comes with heavy-duty work.

  • Synthetic tension members with a precision-balanced twist cord to ensure neutral tracking during operation
  • Adhesive rubber layer for increased belt integrity
  • Precision-ground ribs and sides for maximum contact between the belt and pulley
  • Molded radial cogs for enhanced flexibility

Lawn & garden. Lawncare and landscaping maintenance just got a lot easier when Goodyear V-belts for lawn and & garden are on the case. Made specifically for the demands of crews with busy schedules and no time for unscheduled equipment maintenance, Goodyear’s V-belts combat the heat, oil, and friction better than competing belts for equipment drive systems. These are also available in a wide range of sizes to suit various types of equipment requirements.

  • Dry external cover is suitable for clutching applications
  • Static conductive exterior with excellent oil and abrasion resistance
  • High-strength aramid cords designed for extreme shock loading and tensile strength
  • Adhesive rubber layer for increased belt integrity
  • CR rubber compounds for long life and flexibility

EPDM Rubber Technology

Power transmission belts are exposed to different kinds of stress, including constant tension from the pulley, heat, and harsh weather conditions. This is why each Goodyear belt uses a special type of synthetic rubber called EPDM rubber. Commonly used in grommets, gaskets, door and window seals, and roof liners, EDPM rubber offers several benefits that make it the ideal choice for V-belts.

So what is EPDM rubber? Also known by its full name of ethylene propylene diene monomer, EPDM is a combination of chemicals called monomers specially formulated to create a rubber-like material. This material consists mainly of ethylene, but its crucial component, the diene monomer, is what gives EPDM its signature resilience, flexibility, and toughness. It’s also elastomeric, meaning that it is highly viscous and will return to its original shape when stretched. In addition, EDPM’s distinct cross-linked molecular structure also makes it especially resilient and deteriorates much slower in comparison to natural rubber.

Key EPDM features:

  • Superior resistance to UV exposure, steam, water, ozone, aging, and common chemicals
  • Remains stable at high and low temperatures. EPDM belts can safely be used in outdoor environments where the temperature range is between -20⁰F to +350⁰F (-29⁰C to 177⁰C)
  • Very flexible and can be molded into different shapes without compromising its integrity
  • Long service life significantly cuts down the frequency of replacement, saving money in the long term
  • Economical compared to similar synthetic rubber and silicone materials

The Goodyear Advantage

Goodyear Belts has the unique edge over its competitors of having a century’s worth of innovation, expertise, and resources as part of Goodyear group. Founded in 1898 in Akron, Ohio, Goodyear has been at the forefront of the evolution of tires and other automotive rubber components, developing new technologies in design, production, and materials to result in natural and synthetic rubber products that last longer, perform better, and are easier to service and replace. Today, Goodyear remains one of the world’s top rubber tire and belt manufacturers, with its products used in various applications across the globe.

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