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Fontaine is the largest manufacturer of platform trailers and trailer parts in the U.S. and Canada. The company specializes in the production of towables, including trailers and a wide variety of other pieces, parts, and hardware.

Fontaine has been going strong since its founding in 1940. Over the decades, the company has produced countless products ranging from items as small as a handheld nut to items as massive as a full-sized, heavy-duty platform trailer. Of course, the company is most known for producing the latter, a reputation that has enabled Fontaine to secure contracts across a wide scope of production. Not only does Fontaine produce casual towing items, but it also produces heavy-duty shipping utilities, factory-installed equipment. Fontaine even produces trailers for the Department of Defense.

The company has grown to become the preeminent manufacturer of platform trailers in all of North America, outpacing dozens of competitors in terms of both growth and annual revenue. Part of the reason for that is the brand's versatility in design. Fontaine produces chassis, drop decks, expendables, flatbeds, low beds, hydraulic tails and all of the pieces and parts necessary to get those products working on your rig.

In order to make it as easy as possible to install, maintain, repair, upgrade, or do whatever else your project requires, we've organized all of the best Fontaine products into a single category designed to not only be searchable but also scrollable with pictures, descriptions, and cross-references as well.