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About Fontaine

When you need a flatbed drop-deck trailer, one name that often first comes to mind is Fontaine. Based in Haleyville, Alabama, Fontaine is the largest manufacturer and distributor of flatbed and drop-deck trailers in North America. The company has been in business for over 75 years, with Fontaine trailers making its name the preferred choice by America’s truck fleets for generations. Today, the company is part of the multinational conglomerate Berkshire/Hathaway, offering various linehaul and special purpose trailers for military, intermodal transportation, and various other industries.

The key to Fontaine’s dominant share of the North American trailer market is quality. All Fontaine trailers are designed and manufactured in-house in their Haleyville facility. Driven by the zeal of delivering quality products to its customers, each Fontaine employee is ingrained with dedication, pride, and work ethic to manufacture products that meet the industry’s highest standards. In fact, before a trailer can leave the factory, a Quality Control team must sign off on it personally before it leaves the assembly line.

Fontaine Parts

Fontaine is the world’s top specialist in platform trailers. In fact, that’s the only product they manufacture. This narrow focus enables the company to concentrate its resources on improving its products. So it’s no surprise that Fontaine parts and trailers are lighter, stronger, and packed with features that you won’t find in competing products. Among the key offerings of Fontaine are:

All-aluminum Trailers

Promising bigger payloads at a lower cost per mile, Fontaine’s all-aluminum flatbed and drop-deck trailers are the lightest of its class. This reduced weight offers many benefits, including fuel savings of up to 3%, 30% longer tire life, and lower cost of ownership overall. But even with its lightweight, Fontaine all-aluminum trailers are quite strong thanks to its unitized design proprietary friction stir-welded construction. While ordinary trailers will twist, bend, and flex under heavy loads, these aluminum trailers remain straight and stable, reducing road friction and the risk of secure loads loosening up and shifting while in transit. Other features include routed aluminum side rails (RASR) that provide more protection against side impacts and a new bolt-on bumper that cuts down repair times.

Steel Trailers

Tried and tested over the decades, Fontaine steel trailers are recognized as among the best in the industry. These trailers are rugged, durable, and come standard with the specs that owners and operators need to get the job done. Its super strong XtremeBeam main beams feature thick steel webs and load-bearing steel flanges with continuous welds on both sides, while steel I-beam cross members provide exceptional structural support. Specially engineered formed steel side rail braces and steel front and rear skirts offer additional support as well as impact protection. These trailers are available in various configurations such as flatbed, drop-deck, fixed or slide axle, tandem, and twist-lock models for hauling sand bins.

Combination Trailers

For customers who want the strength of steel trailers with the reduced weight of aluminum ones, Fontaine offers the best of both worlds with their line of combination steel and aluminum trailers. These trailers combine Fontaine’s proprietary XtremeBeam™ steel main beams and cross bracing with its aluminum RASR side rails, floor, and rear skirts. The result is a rugged yet lightweight trailer that delivers long-lasting performance. The trailer also comes with heavy duty steel flanges, an aluminum floor with full-length nailing strips made of high-quality wood, rubber dock bumpers, and mud flaps behind each axle.

Sliding Axle Trailers

Fontaine sliding axle trailers provide flexibility to support multiple configurations without compromising on structural strength. Its main beams are among the strongest in the industry and are available in aluminum, steel, or combination aluminum and steel configurations to meet various customer requirements and budgets. But where it truly shines is its independent sliding front and rear axles that allow for multiple axle configurations. This high degree of flexibility gives Fontaine sliding trailers improved load distribution and superior maneuverability and stability whether on city streets or highways. Each trailer also comes with aluminum side rails, floor, rear skirts, and an optional lighting package. These trailers are also certified to be street legal in all 50 states and Canada on a single trailer configuration.

Forklift Trailers

In an industry that’s replete with bolt-on aftermarket forklift kits, Fontaine’s line of forklift trailers sets itself apart from the rest of the crowd. These specially-made trailers are built from the ground up in Fontaine’s Haleyville facility and are engineered to meet the demands of modern-day forklift operators. The result is a forklift trailer that’s highly stable, easy to operate, and loaded with features that make the driver’s job easier. The trailer also has a steel counterbalance built into the floor to compensate for the mounted forklift weight when returning empty and comes with mounting hardware to accommodate different types of forklift brands.

Frac Sand Trailers

With frac sand hauling industry rapidly expanding, Fontaine’s frac sand trailers are there to keep up with the demand. These specially-made trailers have reinforced steel main beams and bolster that can withstand the heavy loads and punishing operating conditions in the oilfields. The wiring is also tucked away in the main beam flange, shielding it from the elements for longer service life. Each trailer also comes with twist locks to accommodate most popular bin sizes.

Genuine Fontaine PartSource Replacement Parts

Genuine replacement parts for Fontaine flatbed trailers are distributed under the Fontaine PartSource nameplate. Engineered for reliable performance to achieve the maximum resale value for your vehicle, Fontaine PartSource parts continue Fontaine’s time-honored tradition for quality that its customers deserve.

Thanks to its dominant position in the flatbed, drop-deck, and low bed trailer sector, Fontaine can offer direct OEM replacement trailer components at a very competitive price tag. Many of these products are designed to work not only with Fontaine trailers but also with other trailers from other brands. These components, which range from fifth wheels to rebuild kits, are also certified to be 100% genuine and comply with OEM standards, which is reinforced by Fontaine’s partnerships with the finest designers, manufacturers, and suppliers in the transportation equipment industry.

Featured Products (view all)

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