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Founded in June 2001, Titan is a proud designer, manufacturer, and distributor of professional tools including automotive specialty tools, general tools, hand tools, power tools, and mechanic's tools. It has grown rapidly over the years. And it owes its success not only to its key employees but also to its valued business relationships with factories, agents, and trading partners all over the world. 

If your business relies heavily on vehicles to transport goods or provide services, then choose Titan to be your trusted tools provider. Its extensive tools lineup can help your ride remain in excellent running condition all year round. From the brakes, tires, and suspension to the air conditioning and electrical system, Titan has got the right tools to keep all these in top shape. 

Among the notable products of Titan are the adjustable wrenches. These wrenches feature a precision worm gear and slide jaws that are designed primarily for a precise fit and smooth adjustments. They are perfect for loosening nuts and bolts, as well as for keeping them from turning. And since they have corrosion-resistant satin chrome-plated finish and heat-treated carbon steel construction, they are guaranteed to last longer in service. 

Magnetic clips, hooks, seal tapes, ball pein hammers, and pliers are also included in Titan's professional tools product line. If you need any of these tools, feel free to check for a particular Titan part from our expansive catalog. FinditParts offers Titan tools at reasonably low prices, and we deliver them to you in no time.