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Power Probe is an American manufacturer of electronic testing tools and kits for use in servicing the automotive industry. Whether you drive a motorized bicycle or a massive 18-wheeler, you can make use of a Power Probe circuit tester when it comes to maintaining, repairing, or upgrading your engine's performance.

Power Probe was founded in 1991 with one simple mission: to manufacture the best automotive circuit tester. After a few key innovations cemented Power Probe's place on the industry map, the brand quickly rose to success in the automotive industry and has since become an industry leader when it comes to the development of circuit testers.

Despite not having the sheer number of employees and teams at the company's disposal as the biggest names in automotive design, Power Probe has consistently proven itself to be an industry leader in the eyes of truckers, repairpeople, and technicians across the whole of North America.

Based out of Brea, California, Power Probe continues to be one of the automotive industry's go-tos for circuit testers and other electronic diagnostic tools. We at FindItParts have curated a list of nearly 200 different Power Probe products, each serving a unique and important role. These products have been further organized into 7 categories in order to make finding the right part for you as easy as possible. These categories include shop necessities like diagnostic equipment and battery/electrical systems as well as flashlights and other miscellaneous products.