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If you're searching for service bay diagnostic tools for the heavy-duty commercial vehicle market, then NEXIQ Technologies, Inc. is a brand that you might consider. NEXIQ Technologies specializes in the production of various different service bay diagnostic tools designed to maintain, repair, or upgrade heavy-duty trucks.

Founded back in 1949, NEXIQ Technologies quickly made a name for itself in the field of hardware and communication systems within the technology sector. Over the years, the brand expanded manufacturing capabilities exponentially, eventually becoming one of the hardware industry's go-to brands for heavy-duty trucking service tools.

Today, the best tools from NEXIQ Technologies can be organized into three primary categories: DEF equipment and suppliesdiagnostic equipment, and miscellaneous. Each of these categories includes tools and hardware that are critical to the maintenance, repair, and/or upgrading of heavy-duty trucks. Whether your project requires a high-quality diesel after-treatment service kit, a simple USB cable, or a high-tech USB-link vehicle interface, NEXIQ Technologies makes it.

Since diagnostic equipment is the NEXIQ Technologies brand's specialty, we at FindItParts have further broken it down into three additional categories of products: diagnostic equipment — miscellaneousheavy-duty diagnostics, and scan tools.

Each category of NEXIQ Technologies tools has been organized in a searchable, scrollable format complete with pictures, check-box filters, and — where applicable — cross-references with similar products. The tools in FindItParts's specialized search engine are designed to make finding the best NEXIQ Technologies tools as easy as possible.

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