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Based in Beaverton, OR, MO-CLAMP is an automotive tool manufacturer specializing in collision repair tools and related accessories. The brand is best known for its self-tightening clamps, which feature a patented wedge design and self-tightening mechanism. The clamps are complemented by MO-CLAMP's line of related tools and accessories, including hooks, drawbars, chains, tie-downs, and adapters. The brand also covers tram and centerline measurement gauges for use in collision repair. And all of these MO-CLAMP products are covered by a lifetime warranty.

The MO-CLAMP self-tightening clamp provides exceptional pulling and gripping capabilities from serious autobody repairs to working with sheet metal. Its distinctive wedge-shaped nose allows it to grip strength even in hard-to-pull areas. At the same time, its patented pull ring design prevents twists and bends, ensuring the chain maintains a straight line and protects it against unnecessary strain. The clamps are available in various tooth designs, ranging from a gator tooth pattern that produces maximum grip for structural components to a cross-hatched design that reduces the risk of deformation without sacrificing grip strength. Drop-forged steel construction also ensures durability and long service life. The clamps are also best used in conjunction with MO-CLAMP hooks, chains, pullers, and other accessories.

For serious auto body work, MO-CLAMP's line of tools can help you get the job done quickly and safely. Here at FinditParts, we are proud to offer you great deals on clamps from MO-CLAMP and other accessories. Our products are guaranteed to be authentic and meet international quality and safety standards. We also offer low shipping fees and special pricing on large orders.

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