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If you're a fleet manager or operator, you should ask your drivers to wipe down all the surfaces they are likely to touch with the right cleaning products before they pull the vehicle off the garage to start their driving shift. Doing this may take a few minutes of their time, but it will pay off once they realize that it's easier to use those components and controls with clean surfaces. These parts and surfaces include the gear shift or selector, the steering wheel, all driver switches and controls on the dash, interior and exterior door handles, windshield, and glass windows.

It is also the fleet manager's job to provide the drivers with effective protectant sprays, surface cleaners, wax, polish, and many other products that will help keep your truck's cabs and surfaces clean. Meguiar's products are formulated by professionals for professionals to help make your car care regimen a walk in the park.

Meguiar's Car Care Products is among the oldest and most credible names in automotive care. What started a century ago as a simple furniture polish laboratory and plant in the garage of its founder, Frank Meguiar, Jr., is renowned worldwide as an international car care brand. From its humble beginnings, this brand has grown into one of the world's leading surface care product companies, delivering highly specialized products for virtually all surfaces.

FinditParts is one with you in your goal of keeping your fleet clean and in excellent condition. We carry a wide array of Meguiar's liquid waxes, detailer sprays, polishing pads, metal polish, glass cleaners, detailer shampoos, rubber surface protectants, and many other products from this brand. We offer them at pocket-friendly prices and ship them at reasonable costs. Order now and start cleaning your fleet without spending an arm and a leg.