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For nearly 100 years, LORD has been a leading authority in high-quality adhesives for various applications. For automotive and industrial repairs, LORD offers its line of high-performance Fusor adhesives. Used in nearly every type of car, LORD Fusor adhesives incorporate the same technologies used in OEMs. From fast cure times to lifetime durability, Fusor adhesives are designed for ease of use, reduced cycle times, and better performance overall compared to other similar products in the market. It is these qualities that make LORD Fusor the preferred choice in OEM repair bulletins, repair manuals, recalls, and recommendations.

Fusor Repair offers a great selection of adhesive solutions for plastic repairs and finishing for cars, trucks, trailers, and other motor vehicles. The adhesives are available in slow, medium, and fast-drying compounds for better control over the finished product. For materials sensitive to thermal stress, Fusor Repair also offers special heat-curing adhesives that are highly resistant to cracking and warping during abrupt temperature changes. Adhesive guns and accessories are also available for convenient, hassle-free mixing, storage, and application of Fusion Repair adhesives. Also, all adhesives are guaranteed to provide enhanced performance for the lifetime of the vehicle.

Trusted by OEM manufacturers worldwide, LORD Fusor is the ideal choice for repairs or upgrades for your vehicle. Here at FinditParts, we take pride in having the best selection of LORD Fusor adhesives and other LORD products online. The adhesives we have in stock are guaranteed to be safe for automotive use and meet international quality and safety standards.