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Most fleet owners know the value of having a good-looking truck. Not only it makes a great on-the-road ambassador, but it also leaves a good and lasting impression. That is why proper truck paint maintenance is essential to keep your truck from rust, fading, and other signs of wear. If you think washing and waxing are no longer enough to bring back the luster of your truck's paint, then it's time you seek help from the experts like Iwata. 

For nearly 50 years, Iwata has been the leading provider of air compressors, vacuum pumps, airbrushes, and finishing equipment. The company knows that while the type, color, and brand of paint matter in every paint job, the right painting equipment to be used also plays a vital role. Not only does it help get the job done faster, but it also saves money because of its environmental benefits. The Iwata SL Series Oil Free Scroll Compressors, for one, feature an ultra-quiet operation, built-in intercooling, and hour of operation display. And since these compressors are oil-free, they release 100% clean air and require zero maintenance and oil drain. 

The SuperNOVA spray guns are also among the signature products of Iwata. The company enlisted the help of the global design firm, Pininfarina, to come up with an ergonomic gun design. Once the design was complete, Iwata created the SuperNOVA using advanced automizing technology. All SuperNOVA spray guns are equipped with stainless steel fluid passages, making them more ideal for different types of materials, whether solvent-borne or waterborne. 

Fleet owners, transport operators, and paint repair shop owners can sure rely on Iwata for their truck painting needs. Iwata also offers a comprehensive line of spare parts, including spray gun accessories, cups, fluid nozzles, and needle set in case you need them for your existing Iwata painting equipment. No need to search further because all these Iwata parts and accessories are available right here at FinditParts. Shop now!