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Most tool manufacturers offer at least one pair of pliers in their catalog since this is a constant sight in any mechanic's or automotive professional's cabinet. But no brand is best known for its pliers than Irwin Vise-Grip. A pioneer in locking plier technology, Irwin Vise-Grip is one of the oldest and most trusted brands of pliers and similar hand tools for universal and specialized applications. The brand's reputation is born from a passion that goes as far back to its foundation in the late 19th century—to address the needs of the professional tradesman. 

Today, Irwin Vise-Grip produces world-class tools that are not only rugged enough for heavy use but are also designed for efficiency to increase productivity overall. Its most popular tool line, the original curved jaw locking pliers, has been perfected since its invention in 1924 with a patented curved jaw and triggered release mechanism for maximum locking force. The pliers are also made of heat-treated steel alloy to withstand even the toughest of tasks and have hardened teeth that can grip tightly from any angle. And to minimize hand fatigue, Irwin tools are fitted with the patented ProTouch handles for maximum comfort even with prolonged use. A lifetime warranty covers these Irwin Vise-Grip tools and other products as a testament to the quality of their craftsmanship.

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