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Established more than 35 years ago, Sure Foot® Corporation has been a pioneer in the development and advancement of the fast-growing traction aid category. Today, Duenorth® brand traction aids remain a leading brand in this safety category, having developed the patented replaceable spike technology that incorporates exclusive military grade tungsten carbide spikes, the strongest in the industry. This allows the use of a smaller diameter spike, which penetrates ice more easily while at the same time offering unparalleled durability. Further, all Due North Ice Traction Aids are manufactured using a base material of 100% rubber, which remains flexible and durable even in the coldest temperatures. Together, these exclusive and proprietary features ensure maximum life, performance, and user safety. Whether you are working in the toughest industrial environments, the demanding trucking, transportation, and delivery service industry, or enjoy walking, running, or fishing in extremely cold environments, Due North is the brand to trust.
With the acquisition of Sure Foot® Corporation by SureWerx™ in November of 2019, Duenorth® brand joins a large family of safety products to provide a one stop shop for most safety needs. Other brands available from Surewerx™ include American Forge & Foundry Inc.® lifting & shop equipment, PeakWorks® fall protection products, Pioneer® hi-viz safety apparel, KneePro® knee & elbow protection products, Wilson® welding blankets & curtains, Jackson Safety® Welding & PPE Products, Sellstrom® Welding & PPE Products, Duenorth® traction aid products, Viking by American Forge & Foundry Inc.® lifting & shop equipment and Rubz Massage® personal comfort products.