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The GoJak® brand is under Zendex Tool Corp., a family-owned business operating in Danbury, Connecticut since 1984. The company was established when Al Coccaro invented the GoJak® Self-Loading Wheel Dolly, an equipment used to quickly and efficiently move disabled cars and other types of light-duty vehicles. Coccaro was working in his auto body shop when he noticed how challenging it was to move the vehicle that he's working on around. So, he came up with a product that would make it easier and faster for him to do this, and that's when the GoJak® was born. 

The GoJak® Wheel Dolly is manufactured with the end-users in mind—auto mechanics, repair shop owners, and auto DIYers. It's really a challenge to move around a disabled or old car in your garage or shop. But with this GoJak® dolly, you can very much handle the job yourself, and you can do it fast and with ease. Made with heavy-duty all-steel construction, this GoJak slides in from the side of your vehicle and jacks up each wheel using only your foot. It has a maximum capacity of 1,500 lbs each wheel and rolls easily in any direction. It's just the perfect machine you'll need to move that old or disabled vehicle for servicing, maximize the space in your garage or shop, or when pulling cars up flatbed trucks. 

If you've already got the GoJak® dolly but you haven't used it for a while because of loose or defective parts, there's a wide range of GoJak® OEM parts for you. Whether you need a new caster assembly, pedal, lock nut, torsion spring, roll pin, or wheel & bearing, GoJak® has got you covered. In fact, you don't have to search further because they're available right here at FinditParts. Choose from our catalog and place your order online for more convenience.