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Getting a flat tire is not only annoying and inconvenient, but it can also be dangerous, especially when it happens in the middle of the night. And if what you're driving is a heavy duty truck or trailer, the risk is twice as much. Black Jack Tire Repair provides a large assortment of tire repair supplies, wheel weights, and tire repair tools to help you repair that flat tire like a pro. All Black Jack Tire Repair hoses, valve stems, and rubber products are made using only the best EPDM rubber, which is a more robust synthetic rubber that is mainly used for outdoor applications.

For over 40 years, BlackJack has been leading the tire repair industry. Its dedication to providing high-quality tire repair products at affordable prices is one of the critical components that drive the company to excel in this trade. BlackJack manufactures and markets its products at the same time, resulting in very low corporate overhead. It then passes on these savings to customers who are looking for the best tire repair products but at reasonable prices.

BlackJack offers a complete line of tire valves, which are made using high-quality materials and tested to ensure they meet TRA specifications. It also provides tire gauges, air chucks, and tire repair patches for both bias and radial tires. And for heavy duty trucks and trailers, the brand features a complete BlackJack truck repair kit. This kit includes T-bone handle with a spiral probe, T-bone handle with a 6-inch open-eye needle, screwdriver, hex wrench, lube, razor blade, and more.

Knowing how to perform a tire repair and having the right tire repair tools and supplies are both critical to your safety. Equip your heavy duty truck or trailer with Black Jack Tire Repair parts now.