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SELLSTROM Best Sellers

Fleet maintenance is a necessary process to have an effective and efficient fleet operation. It helps keep repair costs to a minimum, prevents downtime, and ensures a safe ride on or off the highway. But fleet maintenance involves a lot of steps that would sometimes put the fleet maintenance staff or driver at risk. That's why fleet management must not only uphold safety policies but also invest in high-quality maintenance tools and supplies to create a healthy workplace. And this is where Sellstrom can help. 

Founded over a century ago, Sellstrom has been leading the way to manufacturing products for the personal protective equipment industry. Its products were originally geared toward the welding sector. But it decided to expand its product line-up to include supplies that offer eye protection, hearing protection, face protection, head protection, and more. Each Sellstrom product undergoes rigorous testing to meet or exceed strict quality and safety standards, including OSHA, ASTM, CSA, and CE. And it's done only in Sellstrom's in-house and fully accredited test lab to ensure product efficiency, performance, and reliability. 

The health of your fleet mechanic, drivers, and service technicians is the top priority of Sellstrom. So if you haven't got safety products and maintenance supplies, it's high time you invest on these items before it's too late. FinditParts provides a vast selection of Sellstrom products available at reasonable prices. You can search for the specific part that you need by simply entering the part number into the search box. Feel free to contact our expert customer service team if you need assistance.