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Castrol is a household name for truckers, repairpeople, and technicians the world over. Headquartered in Great Britain, Castrol is a multinational company famous for its production of oils, greases, and lubrication.

Castrol was founded way back in 1899 as a local manufacturer of castor oil. The name itself is a sort of portmanteau of the words castor and oil. Over the years, Charles Cheers Wakefield, founder of Castrol, would eventually rise to fame and popularity in London, bringing his brand along for the ride. Castrol has continued to manufacture various oils and lubricants for a wide variety of applications for the entirety of the brand's history.

The Castrol brand is now a subsidiary owned by the multinational company BP and has been since 2000. What started as a simple producer of castor oil has now grown into a global producer of countless different kinds of oils, greases, and lubrications that services Africa, the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, Eurasia, and the Middle East.

One of Castrol's most well-known product lines is the brand's line of motor oils. These oils are made for just about every kind of engine sold on the commercial marketplace, including everything from motorcycles to heavy-duty trucks.

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