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About Hiniker

Snow is a fact of life in many parts of the United States during winter. Many communities are likely to see several inches of snow piled up on sidewalks, driveways, and streets throughout this season. Consequently, pickup trucks or SUVs with snow plows become a common sight around such communities. If you live in this kind of neighborhood and want to be ready before the first snowstorm hits your area, Hiniker has the best snow plows and salt spreaders to save the day.

Headquartered in Minnesota, the Hiniker Company has under its belt more than 30 years of experience in the design and production of snow and ice control equipment and accessories. This has been the go-to brand of people and establishments in snow and ice management. Hiniker's roots in the agricultural equipment industry can be traced back to 1970 and continuing today, with the brand's sturdy and reliable equipment that helps keep downtime to a minimum. Hiniker's line of snow and ice equipment is manufactured with the operator in mind. They enable the user to work as efficiently and be as productive as possible.

All its products—from equipment to replacement parts and accessories—showcase innovative and practical designs to get more tasks done in a short period.

Hiniker Snow Plows Parts

Hiniker Snow Plows parts, accessories, and snow equipment are built to perform. They are developed from top-caliber materials and assembled in a state-of-the-art facility, using advanced processes and technology. Whether you need a single plow for residential use or a fleet for your snow management or property management business, Hiniker is the smartest choice. Check out our product lineup and array of innovative designs, and you will surely find the right equipment for your plowing operation.

Truck Snow Plows

Don't wait for the first snowfall of the year before deciding to purchase a snow plow. If you reside or are operating a commercial snow removal service in the Snowbelt region, you had better get yourself a high-caliber Hiniker snow plow before the chilly season sets in.

  • High-Performance Trip-Edge Snow Plows

This type of Hiniker snow plow is offered in poly moldboard blades, stainless steel, and steel options. It features a horizontal-truss moldboard design for unparalleled strength and resistance to bowing. The brand's HDPE poly moldboard is corrosion-proof, dent-resistant, and with less surface friction to ensure greater efficiency and hassle-free plowing. In addition, its impregnated color and long-lasting finish provide an attractive look. One of Hiniker's popular snow plow lines is the 2000 Series Heavy-Duty Full-Trip Steel Plow, which is ideal for those who want a steel blade. It boasts a split-trip edge that enables right and left side cutting edges to trip independently for unmatched durability.

  • Reversible C-Plow

When you're looking for the heavy-duty performance of a traditional plow plus the flexibility of a high-performance back-drag plow, Hiniker's reversible C-plow is the answer. This is perfect for use on residential driveways, congested parking spaces, and plow loading docks. This plow is fitted with the proprietary Hiniker C-plow, which transforms the conventional plow into a back drag plow with a push of a button. With this feature, removing snow from curbs, tight corners, and loading docks become an easy feat.

  • Torsion-Trip V-Plow

Nothing beats this type of plow in terms of strength, versatility, and capacity because they are designed with operator convenience in mind. The Hiniker 9300 Series Torsion-Trip V-Plow, for one, delivers functionality that only a V-Plow can. All V-plow functions, such as vee, scoop, angle left, angle right, raise, and lower, can be pulled off in just a push of a button. This type of V-plow is outfitted with the Quick-Hitch 2, the fastest available snow plow mounting system. It also boasts its double-acting hydraulic cylinders that secure wings in position even when back dragging as well as its deep-curl flared wings that cast deep snow higher and farther for bigger scoop capacity.

  • Scoop Plow

Dubbed as the ultimate parking lot plow, the Hiniker trip-edge scoop plow features an exceptional concave shape for efficient snow capturing, offering bigger capacity, faster and more efficient cleanup, and less spillage. It also provides the maximum protection of a full-width, high-clearance, three-section trip edge. It is also fitted with Hiniker's Quick-Hitch 2, 50-degree forward angle for reduced high-side spillage, and a concave shape that collects more snow than other designs.


No one can put a price on people's safety. So as the ice or snow starts to fall, make sure you have a properly working salt and sand spreader to make the pavements around you safe for you to walk on and for your tires to glide on. Hiniker manufactured various types of salt and sand spreaders to meet your demands.

  • Tailgate Spreader

Hiniker's professional-grade, no-dribble flow control spreader boasts an exclusively engineered auger system that prevents dribbling and leaking of materials via the spreader when the motor shuts off. This tailgate spreader gives the user maximum control over material spreading applications. With its stainless-steel construction, this spreader is guaranteed to deliver durability and reliability for an extended period.

  • Conveyor Delivery Spreader

This efficient Hiniker spreader guarantees quick and easy dissemination of ice control materials. It is ideal for snow removal contractors, property managers, and local government offices that take charge of the area's ice management.

  • Dual-Motor Electric Auger Delivery Spreader

This Hiniker spreader ensures a low-maintenance yet accurate and efficient delivery system. It is fitted with a first-rate auger conveyor system for positive delivery control without the hassles of material carry-back into the truck bed. This spreader does not have a conveyor chain and contains fewer bearings for minimum maintenance requirements.

Hiniker Parts and Accessories

When it comes to accessories and replacement parts for your Hiniker snow plow and ice removal equipment, you should never settle for less. And what brand could be better than the one that manufactures the equipment? So when it's for Hiniker equipment, the replacement to get should be the best-in-class Hiniker parts and accessories. We carry control consoles, curb guards, Flexstands, snow deflectors, and skid shoes. Should you need cutting edges, hydraulic fluid, and box ends, Hiniker is also the name to trust.

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