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The EWP Poly WarePad claims to be the trucking industry's best friend. It understands that operating and maintaining a fleet and commercial trucks these days as well as finding innovative ways to trim down maintenance costs are no easy feat. The brand's awareness of such need is the reason behind the development of the ever-durable EWP Poly WarePads.  

The EWP Poly WarePads are proven to maintain your trucks and trailers' integrity and extend their service life. They were invented by a fleet owner for his fellow fleet owners and operators. Greg Manchik, the inventor of EWP Ever-Durable Warepad, has humble beginnings. Growing up, he used to wash trucks, change tires, and repair equipment for his father's hauling business. In 1980, he officially became part of the company by driving and hauling sand, salt, and gravel. It was in 1994 when he took over and got involved in all aspects of the business.

Greg Manchik initially aimed to use his invention—a product using new-age polymer for spring suspension wear protection—to save on the expense and downtime of replacing equalizers, crossmembers, and hangers. After nine months of testing on the road, Manchik proved the outstanding durability of this product, and he got it patented and named "The Ever-Durable Warepad."

The EWP Poly Warepads deliver heavy-duty wear protection for your rig's spring suspension, air ride suspension with spring hangers, or dump box. These pads do their job of protecting and reducing the stress and wear of the components they are installed into without altering suspension geometry. Ensuring easy, bolt-in installation, these Ever-Durable Warepads also help absorb shock and vibration for a more comfortable ride.   

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