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About NuGeon

Looking for a new brake caliper that’s both of good quality and affordable? Then NuGeon brake calipers are the right choice. With more than 30 years of expertise, NuGeon is one of the world’s leading specialists in remanufactured brake calipers. The NuGeon brand covers an extensive portfolio of caliper models for a wide range of applications, including trucks, tractors, passenger cars, forklifts, construction vehicles, and more. From older makes to the newest rigs, NuGeon has the right caliper for the right price.

A division of BBB Industries, NuGeon aims to become a recognized leader in aftermarket brake calipers, related products, and after-sales support that delivers exceptional value to customers worldwide. The company is also dedicated to continuously improving its manufacturing processes, including reduced wastage, more efficient materials usage, and increased safety for both the customer and its employees.

NuGeon Parts

With thousands of SKUs available, NuGeon offers one of the most extensive catalogs of remanufactured bracketed and non-bracketed semi-loaded brake calipers. Whether you own the latest truck model or an older rig, there’s a Nugeon brake caliper for you to choose from.

Why Remanufactured?

One of the common misconceptions about remanufactured brake calipers and remanufactured parts, in general, is that these products are of low quality since they are already used. This is actually quite far from the truth. While NuGeon’s remanufactured parts use existing parts as their core, they undergo a battery of industrial processes wherein the entire unit is completely broken down, analyzed, and reassembled with new parts. These processes differentiate them from “rebuilt” parts, in which only the worn-down parts are refurbished and replaced. As a result, remanufactured NuGeon parts are almost always the same exact quality as OE parts or perhaps even better.

Some of the benefits you’ll get from a NuGeon brake caliper include:

  • Exceptional quality. Quality is never an issue with a NuGeon brake caliper. It only uses original OE castings and the best cores with no wear, corrosion, or blemish of any kind. Each unit is also pressure-tested using the same machines and parameters used by OEM manufacturers. Even the phenolic pistons, copper crush, washers, and other hardware match OE calipers down to the smallest detail. These features ensure that each caliper has the exact fit, form, and function as an OE unit fresh from the assembly line.
  • Lower cost. You can save anywhere from 20% to 60% on NuGeon calipers compared to buying a new genuine OE unit with the same quality. This reduced cost is due to fewer parts and raw materials needed to assemble a new part. Also, since the amount of raw material extracted or recycled is lower for remanufactured parts, it typically uses less energy and labor which, in turn, adds to the savings.
  • Compatibility. Because it uses OE castings, each and every NuGeon remanufactured brake caliper shares the same OE specifications as its original counterpart. Each caliper also comes fully assembled with pistons and seals that have been tested and validated to meet OE standards. These result in calipers that are easy to install and maintain.
  • Environmentally-friendly. Using remanufactured brake calipers is actually better for the environment compared to a brand-new unit. Back in the day, old automotive parts were simply scrapped, with their metal components melted down and reused for the steel industry. Any other materials that are not recoverable were categorized as “scrap fluff” and thrown into refuse dumps, potentially contaminating the groundwater and the soil around.

Thankfully, the advent of remanufacturing parts has meant that fewer components are sent to the scrap heap. What’s more, the modern remanufacturing process is gentler to the environment, as it consumes fewer resources and generates fewer emissions compared to building a new part from scratch.

TechShield 360 Technology

All current NuGeon brake caliper models are treated with the proprietary TechShield 360™ technology. It consists of a special electrodeposition coating applied to the brake calipers through an advanced submersion process that greatly increases its resistance to corrosion and natural and synthetic brake fluid. Because it is submerged rather than sprayed on, the coat is applied evenly across the edges and inside the calipers and brackets, leaving no surface area unprotected. The coat itself is specially formulated to be microns thin, which allows it to bond easily with both aluminum and cast iron surfaces, and is free of toxic heavy metals and environmentally safe.

With the NuGeon brake calipers with TechShield 360™ technology, you get quality that matches or exceeds the original design’s durability and performance. It also comes with everything needed for installation in a single package, including banjo bolts, cable mounting brackets, levers, springs, and scrape sensors. Components are also pre-lubricated with a high-temperature synthetic grease for easier installation.

Additional Features

NuGeon isn’t just satisfied with making its calipers match their OE counterparts, as it also takes the time and effort to make each unit stand out from the rest of the pack. NuGeon calipers offer these additional features:

  • Slide testing of brackets for optimal performance
  • Phenolic pistons engineered and tested for proper heat dissipation
  • All hardware is replaced regardless of the condition of the original
  • Units are wrapped with paper treated with vapor corrosion inhibitors (VCIs) to prevent rust from forming for up to two years
  • Proprietary “smart” part numbering system for quick and easy pair matching
  • Automatic date-coding of every production lot, allowing for full traceability of components used in each caliper
  • OE cross-reference and list of critical core components indicated on the label

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With NuGeon’s remanufactured brake calipers, you’ll find the perfect balance of quality and value. In fact, they might even last longer and perform better than the stock unit in your vehicle. And thanks to their huge catalog, it’s more than likely that there’s a remanufactured brake caliper that is compatible with your truck. So if you’re in the market for a replacement caliper, be sure to give NuGeon a look.

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