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About ATRO

Not all brands in the heavy-duty truck parts market care about your productivity and business uptime the way ATRO does. ATRO Engineered Systems aims to make your fleet spend more time on the road and less in the repair shop or garage by producing polyurethane truck components that consistently outshine the competition in quality, performance, and longevity.

ATRO was born in 1987 out of an engineer’s realization that a truck torque rod’s malfunction is a quality issue because it is caused by failing rubber bushings. That accomplished engineer, named George Sturmon, knew that the heavy-duty truck industry could use heavy-duty parts, and he could develop a better solution.

The desire to address the torque rod’s problem with an ultra durable solution became George’s driving force in devising a way to swap rubber with his invention—a custom-made polyurethane blend used to form high-quality torque rod bushings that last longer and get the job done right.

ATRO managed to thrive despite the steep industry competition, and it has grown into a team of more than 100 people with a product portfolio of over 1,000 ATRO parts. These high-caliber products are living proof of the company’s unparalleled commitment to performance, precision, and productivity.

ATRO Parts

ATRO is serious in its dedication to keeping your fleet on the road. The best proof of that is the longer-lasting ATRO parts developed to help your business save money by keeping the truck’s downtime at a minimum. The engineers and parts specialists at ATRO understand that each part is made to do a specific task while withstanding stress, abuse, damaging environmental elements, and regular wear. That is why each ATRO product is custom designed by skilled engineers according to the part’s functions—shock absorption, dampening, stabilization, load-bearing, or transmission.

ATRO parts are made in the U.S.A., so they guarantee excellent craftsmanship and reliable functionality. They repeatedly pass rigorous tests to ensure durability and peak efficiency. Manufactured with custom polyurethane blends, each of these parts are highly resistant to chemicals and are more durable than the competition.

Torque Rod

ATRO would not be recognized as a global leader in torque rod technology for nothing. This company is dubbed as such because of its stronger, better-performing torque rods, which prove to be lasting and economical solutions to the issues posed by torque rod assemblies with rubber bushings. Standard rubber bushings tend to gather dust, windup, stretch, and breakdown over time, causing noise, vibration, various performance issues, and even premature failure.

The torque rods from this brand feature rotating pin technology, making these components both versatile and durable. With these torque rods, you can say goodbye to those days when you get frustrated due to incorrect clocking and improper bushing installation. These components are available in various configurations, and they come with the brand’s exclusive free-rotation design that makes installation an easy feat.


ATRO also supplies the industry with innovative and best-in-class suspension components for trucks, buses, trailers, and agricultural and military vehicles. These parts showcase patented design and polyurethane construction, making them ideal even for heavy-duty suspensions. Like other ATRO products, these first-rate suspension parts are specifically engineered to be highly resistant to chemicals and contaminants like grease, road salt, acidic cleaning solvents, diesel fuel, oil, and hydraulic fluid.

Built to OEM specifications, ATRO suspension parts directly replace the factory-original components and are proven to match or exceed the performance specifications of original units. The list of ATRO parts for the suspension system includes:

  • Bump stops
  • Spring eye bushing kits
  • Spring eye shackle kits
  • Spring hanger/bushing kits
  • Polyurethane shims
  • Bushings


With ATRO backing you up, you can move forward without fear. Steer King and ATRO have joined forces to provide the industry with premium-quality steering system parts that are long-lasting and easy to install. With the brands’ shared legacy and shared commitment to take your trucks out of the shop, you can expect minimal business downtime and an improved bottom line.

Steer King offers durable, no-ream King Pin kits that are high quality and precision-engineered. The components in these kits are precision machined and 100% inspected for accurate dimensions. ATRO provides customers like you with bronze kits, steer spiral kits, axle sleeves, and installation tools.

Trailer Parts

ATRO understands how important trailers are for your business. That’s why it develops a range of trailer replacement parts and accessories to help you in servicing and restoring your trailer’s full functionality. The critical parts you need for your trailer should also come with ATRO’s badge. From trailer suspension parts to the various components in your trailer’s bumpers, you can find exceptionally durable and easy-to-install ATRO replacement units for those. This brand also manufactures class-leading trailer torque rods and 5th wheel components that exceed the performance and quality specifications of the original.

Underhood/Cab Solutions

Make sure your engine, transmission, and exhaust systems will perform well regardless of the operating environment by providing them superior-quality ATRO exhaust and engine mounts. These mounts are also available as part of a kit, along with the necessary hardware for trouble-free installation. Besides mount kits, ATRO also produces mount assemblies and insulator kits. Also included in this ATRO product offering are hood latch, hood catch, hood rest bracket, spike grommet, bumper, mount pivot bushing, roller, hood support, and many other hood components.

High-Temp Products

Some ATRO parts are high-temperature products. They take great pride in being the only high-temperature poly on the truck parts market. Since they can withstand scorching heat, these products perform well even in the severe conditions of EGR/SCR engines. ATRO’s high-temperature engine mounts, for one, maintain their structure, stability, and flexibility while minimizing vibration in the cab and controlling unexpected shifting of loads. The high-temperature product line from this brand includes:

  • Cab mount
  • Air cooler mount kit
  • Exhaust mount bushing
  • Radiator mount
  • Insulator kit
  • Shock bushing
  • Transmission mount

Featured Products (view all)

ATRO MM75-62001-HT motor mount kit, rear (high temp) ATRO PB0026839 lift axle bushing kit ATRO CM4661001 cab mount kit ATRO TR7541108 torque rod peterbilt low mount air leaf 25-9/16 ATRO KT75-61257 cab/sleeper mount kit ATRO TR59-41376 torque rod ATRO PL1070HT motor mount high temp kenworth-peterbilt ATRO MS99-63399 shifter isolator bushing kit ATRO MM4662002 motor mount kit freightliner, sterling front ATRO CM55-61454 cab mount bushing kit (set of 2) ATRO SP59-11006 spring eye bushing ATRO EM75-69001-HT exhaust mount bushing (high temp) ATRO MM75-62370-HT motor mount, rear (high temp) ATRO PB50-36914 pivot bushing kit ATRO PL1102-HT motor mount (high temp) ATRO PB4626268 trailing arm pivot bushing anti-walk freightliner, hendrickson, kenworth, peterbilt ATRO SK59-12100 spring eye shackle kit ATRO CR00-67661 carrier bearing, self-aligning ATRO HM7565711 hood bumper peterbilt model 385 ATRO TR75-41327 torque rod peterbilt 17-15/16 ATRO PL1046 torque rod bushing chalmers ATRO TS38000 bushing ATRO TR46-41716 torque rod freightliner 23.93 ATRO PB75-29674 air leaf bushing kit, air leaf, peterbilt 03al01 ATRO KT5962003HT motor mount kit high temp kenworth front, pair ATRO TR5345305 torque rod hutch adjustable ATRO PL1048-HT engine mount, ht ATRO KT59-62004-HT motor mount kit w/ hardware, rear(high temp) ATRO TH75-69000 lateral control sleeper rod bushing (set of 2), pb387 ATRO CR00-67825 carrier bearing assembly ATRO MM75-62372HT engine mount, rear (high temp) ATRO PL1131 motor mount kit (front) ATRO MM59-62407-HT engine mount kit (front) ht w/ ATRO FW51-32731 5th wheel rebuild kit ATRO TR62-41220 torque rod mack, hendrickson 22 ATRO HM75-64726 hood mount pivot bushing kit for peterbilt ATRO TR55418C1 torque rod international air ride 25-3/8 large eye ATRO MM75-62370 engine mount, rear ATRO PB50-36100 pivot bushing kit ATRO MM46-62000 motor mount kit (rear) ATRO PL1012 motor mount ATRO RM75-63861 radiator mount ATRO PL1008 air ride bushing ATRO HL0064001 hood latch freightliner m2, peterbilt 379 ATRO PL1007 spring pad ATRO TS5922400 straddle bushing - 5/8" bolt hole, high articulation ATRO PL1015HT radiator/motor mount high temp kenworth-peterbilt ATRO MM75-62001 engine mount kit, rear ATRO HM75-66165 hood mount kit ATRO PL1126HT radiator bushing high temp peterbilt-western star ATRO TS00-22500 torque rod bushing ATRO EM75-69000-HT exhaust mount bushing kit (high temp) ATRO PL1118 torque rod bushing ATRO HM75-65510 peterbilt hood bumper, height: 2" outside; 1 1/2" inside ATRO PL1085 equalizer bushing ATRO MM75-62401-HT engine mount, front, ht ATRO PL1146A torque rod bushing mack/hendrickson ATRO PL1011 hood pin kenworth 4-1/8 in. ATRO HU10065 trunnion bushing (severe duty) ATRO PL1139 shock bushing (set of 8) ATRO TS03-85002 radius rod bushing kit ATRO SU75-29624 spring roller kit ATRO MM96-62657 motor mount ATRO PL1117 torque rod bushing ATRO PL1017HT motor mount (high temp) ATRO MM46-62006-HT mtr mnt ATRO PT50000 press in tool ATRO PL1055 motor mount international rear ATRO MM46-62002-HT engine mount kit, front, ht ATRO FP99-69426 fuel pump coupler ATRO PL1126-25 radiator bushing-set of 25 ATRO BP99-34408 trailer bumper ATRO PL1126 radiator bushing ATRO HL4664435 hood latch freightliner fld 120 ATRO MM75-62377-HT engine mount, ht ATRO KT50-25003 suspension kit ATRO SP0011005 spring eye bushing peterbilt-kenworth ATRO PB50-36000 pivot bushing kit ATRO LP50-24778 progressive load spring ATRO PL1111 motor mount peterbilt-western star front ATRO TR59-41474 torque rod kenworth 19-3/4 ATRO PB57-25394 pivot bushing kit-large ATRO TR55428C1 torque rod international air ride 25-3/8 small eye ATRO TR7541059 torque rod peterbilt 22-7/8 ATRO TR4641002 torque rod freightliner, sterling 24-5/16 small eye ATRO MM55-62005 motor mount kit international rear ATRO TR5341500 torque rod hutch, watson & chalin 19-1/4 fixed ATRO TT38000 torque rod bushing ATRO HM75-66154 cab mount bushing, peterbilt model 379 ATRO SU00-29002 spring link bushing ATRO TR00-41009 torque rod kenworth, peterbilt 25-9/16 small eye ATRO PL1146 torque rod bushing ATRO PL1189 spring eye bushing (set of 2) ATRO PL1070 motor mount kenworth-peterbilt ATRO PL1126A bushing radiator, peterbilt, length: 3/4" ATRO PL1027 hinge bushing ATRO TR5041615 torque rod international, freightliner, hendrickson 24-1/4 ATRO TR00-41600 torque rod, small eye ATRO SP4652800 bushing ATRO HM75-64001 hood pivot bushing kit ATRO MM5562005HT motor mount high temp international rear ATRO BP99-65000 trailer door bumper ATRO PL1047 torque rod bushing chalmers ATRO MM75-62372 motor mount kit (each) for peterbilt 379 w/cat engine ATRO TR7541440 torque rod peterbilt 17-5/16 ATRO MS9965035 bumper pad ATRO NW30000 trunnion bushing neway-watson/chalin ATRO PL1026 shock bushing ATRO PB00-36314 flange bushing ATRO PL1028 shock bushing ATRO PB50-36001 pivot bushing kit w/hdwr ATRO TS38000A torque rod bushing hendrickson, international, kenworth, mack, peterbilt ATRO PB75-29101 air leaf bushing kit, low mount air leaf ATRO HU10000 trunnion bushing ATRO FW9932605 fifth wheel bushing holland, mack, international, volvo, freightliner, sterling ATRO PL1065 radiator mount kenworth, newstar ATRO CM46-61890 cab mount (upper) ATRO PL1006 fifth wheel bushing ATRO EQ53-35250 equalizer beam w/bushing ATRO BP52-34203 dock bumper ATRO PB50-36322 pivot bushing kit w/hdwr, narrow ATRO PL1131-HT engine mount kit (front), ht ATRO EM75-69096-HT exhaust/radiator mount; air to air bushing (high temp) ATRO MM75-62377 peterbilt cabover engine ATRO PL1119 torque rod bushing ATRO TS5022210 torque rod bushing ATRO TR71000 torque rod freightliner, hendrickson 27 two-piece ATRO TR59-41150 torque rod autocar, freightliner, kenworth, hendrickson 25 ATRO TR96-41068 torque rod volvo, mack 22-1/8 ATRO CM75-61257 peterbilt cab/sleeper mount, does not incl hardware ATRO SK62-50380 insulator kit w/hdwr & spacer blocks ATRO PB85-36029 mono-pivot bushing kit ATRO SU00-29001 spring link bushing ATRO HW1929202 flange bolt with nut 5/8 x 5-1/2 in. ATRO EQ53-35118 equalizer bushing kit ATRO SK62-50340 insulator kit w/hdwr & spacer blocks ATRO TR57-44645 v-rod rebush kit ATRO PL1063 radiator mount ATRO EM75-69656-HT exhaust bushing (high tem ATRO CM55-61980-HT cab mount-high temp ATRO LP50-24745 progressive load spring kit ATRO RM46-63471 radiator isolator ATRO PL1074 hood hinge bushing ATRO EQ83-35000 equalizer beam w/bushing ATRO PL1013-HT motor mount high temp kenworth, peterbilt ATRO MM5562003 motor mount kit international front ATRO PL1041 spring/axle pad, 5 1/4 in. length, 4 5/8 in. width, 7/8 in. height ATRO SU99-39114 upper control arm bushing & bolt kit ATRO TH75-69002 sleeper rod bushing kit ATRO EQ53-35158 equalizer beam w/bushing Browse more...

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