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Formerly known as Dexter Rim & Wheel, the Dexstar Wheel Company, Inc. is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality steel trailer rims and wheels. It was formed in 2004 when Americana Development acquired Dexter Rim & Wheel. Originally located in Lebanon, IN, Dexter Rim & Wheel acquired a 45,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space in Elkhart, IN in 1981. And just a year later, all manufacturing was transferred to the said location, which later became the main headquarters of Dexstar. 

Over the years, Dexstar has introduced various significant changes in its manufacturing process. It now utilizes a fully automated powder coating system, two fully automatic wheel welders, and a pad printing machine to design, produce, and finish each Dexstar product. And from the original 45,000 sq. ft. facility, it now takes a total area of 136,000 sq. ft., thanks to the additional 91,000 sq. ft. that the company acquired to accommodate all its manufacturing requirements. 

Dexstar wheels are among the most popular products in the market today. Each Dexstar wheel features sturdy steel construction for durability and undergoes a unique multi-stage powder coating process for excellent corrosion resistance. It also comes in a variety of colors—black, starlite, silver sparkle, bright white, and bright white with stripes—so customers can choose which one complements their vehicle. And since it is made in the USA and designed to meet DOT specifications, it is guaranteed safe to use and to last longer in service. 

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