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As your fleet hits the road, the vehicles need to brave continuous assault from road salts, acids, insect and animal remains, bird droppings, miscellaneous gunk, and other contaminants. In your constant battle against grime, muck, and other corrosive elements, the best way to beat such assault is to keep your fleet clean. Maintaining an unsoiled vehicle is a vital part of the business' maintenance program. It has a significant impact on the service life of vehicles and equipment as well as on your business image.

The road salt, mud, and dirt build-up, if not addressed immediately, can cause premature wear or exterior damage on dozens of vehicle parts. They may also contaminate some of your ride's vital fluids. If you are on your way to keeping your big rigs clean, Easy Reach products can be of great help. Backed by 32 years of industry experience, Easy Reach understands how high-quality materials attract and satisfy customers and lead to repeat purchases.

When you're looking for a comprehensive line of top-quality Easy Reach wash brushes, extension handles, chamois, and other cleaning accessories for your trucks, RVs, and other specialty vehicles, FinditParts has all of your needs covered. Like Easy Reach, FinditParts is dedicated to providing best-in-class cleaning products that will give exceptional results, regardless of the size of your fleet. You can place your order on this site by filling out our order form or calling our toll-free hotline. Shop now, and we'll soon have it delivered right at your doorsteps.